.17 HMR Groundhogs (Graphic Pictures)

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Silent Shooter, May 20, 2008.

  1. Here are some pics from my hog hunting trip yesterday. These were shot at about 125 yards. They dropped where they stood.

    Entry wound - Not very impressive...

    Exit wound - WOW!

    Both of these pics were of the same hog.

  2. Seven©

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    Is that the usual color for groundhogs in your area? All of them around here are brown. Just wondering.
  3. Pretty normal color.

    Where are all the 75 yard max for a rimfire guys at???:09:
  4. Another One Bites the Dust...


  5. Never saw that color in Pa. either. For some reason I have only seen one hog this season. It has been colder than normal here,might be reason. 36 degrees this morning.
  6. sell33

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    yeah very weird color i would say too....they are much more brown around here. I haven't seen many this year either RR. I have only shot at two, got one, hopefully get the other soon. those were the only two i have seen besides when driving i saw a couple.

    BTW, nice lookin rifle SS. Is it a marlin?
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  7. tamalpias

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    i betcha that first groundhog didn't even feel his legs.:09:
  8. Yes, it is a Marlin for the most part. Several parts were "upgraded" after a KB!
  9. rondog

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    Good thing you got the second one when you did, before he could eat your rifle.
  10. He finally made it to the end of the barrel and it was all over from there...:09:
  11. I totally disagree with anyone who says you can't drop a small critter from over 75 yards, i own a ruger 10/22 and i have it sighted in for 100 yards currently. Head shot + CCI Velociters = unhappy P-dogs.
  12. jtuck

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    SilentShooter- What was your setup? Were you shooting off of a bench or any kind of rest? I was jsut curious, cause I didn't see a bipod on your rifle.
  13. I was shooting out of my truck using my mirror for a rest for the first two and used the Army kneeling position for number three.
  14. This may sound like a stupid question, but why would one shoot a ground hog to begin with? Do y'all eat them? Is it just for fun? Do they destroy crops or something? How will you know how much winter will be left come Feb. 2? The reason I ask is that I don't have them around here and I don't hunt small critters. Never having needed to put a round through one, I guess I just don't know why some people hunt them. Nobody I personally know hunts or eats them, so I am a bit ignorant on the topic.
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  15. jtuck

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    Some people around here do eat. I don't personally, but we do run livestock and groundhogs and armadillos are both pests. The groundhogs dig holes and burrows that cattle/horses can step in and break a leg.
  16. ruffman

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    Agree... Their holes wreak havoc with live stock and they will effectively obliterate a family sized garden...

    I have a "little hog" villiage 75 paces from my deck tucked into a hillside. I've whacked 5 so far with a .22 short open sight.

    I've always used them as practice for bigger game; shooting form, marksmanship or stalking with a bow.