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.17 Magnum Rimfire

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by shockwalter, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. shockwalter

    shockwalter G&G Newbie

    Can anyone out there give me some info on the .17 Magnum Rimfire? Is there a difference between the 17 Magnum Rimfire and the 17 Remington? I thought the 17 was a centerfire. Also are there rifles still made that are chambered for either? Any help would be awesome.:confused:
  2. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    The 17 Remington is a center fire rifle. The .17 rimfire magnum is a new round put out by Hornady. I haven't seen prices on rifles or ammo in this caliber but have been told they would be high. As for your last question they couldn't be shot in the same gun. I have a link for you the show two of there rifles and a box of ammo Hope this helps
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  3. shockwalter

    shockwalter G&G Newbie

    Thanks Jack o, the info really helps.
  4. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    Any time shockwater. Let me know if you get one and how you like it.
  5. 6string

    6string G&G Newbie


    From what I'v read, The .17hmr is a .22mag brass with a smaller neck[.17cal] and a more pointed balistic type tip, like for hunting rifles. Its supposed to be faster and more deadly than the .22mag. I don't know anything about .17Rem. Then again I don't no much about this technical stuff, I just like to shoot.
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  6. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    Hornady loads the with 17 cal. boattail v-max bullets
  7. Mick

    Mick G&G Addict

    .22 Magnum centrefire

    Has anyone seen, used, or heard of one of these? Just curious because I bought a partitioned bullet container for a 223 and it had written on the bottom 'suitable for .22mag cf to .243, I've never heard of a .22 mag cf
  8. live2hunt

    live2hunt G&G Newbie

    here's what i have heard
    ruger has gun out, about 500 bucks
    marlin has one out, not sure on price, i think it is on their website
    NEF is coming out with one

    the rounds are suppose to be really flat shooting, but about 8 bucks per 50, hard to find, and obviously non- reloadable. G&A had an article on them and the trajectory charts were way better than .22 mag. they shoot at about 2500 fps. there has been discussion on how good they will be for small game, some say too much expansion at that speed. G&A writer said squirrels at 200 yards. guess we'll have to wait to see.
  9. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    Someone is thinking of coming up with a swicthable barrel for the Marlin 25mn. You can read about it at Sounds like it would be under the Ruger at $500. Just some more info
  10. PHIL

    PHIL G&G Newbie

  11. Todd Burton

    Todd Burton G&G Newbie

    What is the differnecs between the .17 HMR and the .17 Remmington besides the HMR is a rimfire? The HMR is 2500 fps, does anyone know what the .17 rem. is? I would really like to get my hands on Ruger's new 77/17. Has anybody shot one of these? Any info on the differences between these two would be great. Thanks
  12. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    From what I have on the .17 Rem. has an oal length of 2.150" it shoots a 25 grain .172 bullet at over 4000 fps according to my load manual. It is bottle necked with a 23 degree shoulder casehead is.378 It is a rimless cartrige. This is about all I can come up with hope it helps.
  13. New .17 rimfire

    We have sold a few of the Marlin - Heavy barrel blue and the ruger 77 Model in the new .17 rimfire. The ammo and the guns are VERY scarce and I have only recieved TWO 50 round box's of ammo at this time - I have one just to show people. The Hornady round is a "Necked down" 22 caliber bullet with a red Nylon ballistic tip , identicle to that utilized by Hornady on their SST high power ballistic tipped ammo or their famous 22 Hornet Varmint load. No reports back from shooters on this one yet - Both the marlin and the Ruger are pulling approx. 100.00 a unit more than they should, do to the law of supply and demand. We the dealer also pay a premium to get them and it is hard to try to explain the supply vs. demand theory to some moron that should have learned it in grade school. I have been refering the whinners to their local Ford dealer to price a new T-Bird - if they think the gun manufactures are bad just check out the price of a new t-bird!!!
    I personally prefer the Hornet to this "new" rimfire but do understand that this could be a real asset to a hunter ina rimfire only area.... The sad thing about it is it appears to be a paochers "dream" if you will and will increase the problem officials already have with hgh power , high velocity rimfire rifles that can be made VERY Quiet very easily.... The ammo is retailing for abotu 12.95 A BOX OF 50 - it should stabilze around 8-10.00 soon.
  14. BigJake

    BigJake G&G Regular


    the 17rem has a muzzle velocity of 4040 at the crown ,2644 at 200 yards.
    this bullet levels from .3'' to zero at 150 yards, and -1.3'' at 200 yards.

    that sounds like Grandma callin ya for biysketz there bo.
  15. BigJake

    BigJake G&G Regular

    HgH powder?

    What is this powder and why would the officials be having problems with it ? is it untracable? magnesium? I am strangely facinated to know.
  16. .17 Rimfire

    High power Rimfires (22 Mags) or other ultra high velocity 22 rounds have been the favorite of poachers for years. Fully 80% of poachers caught hunting large game in this area utilize 22 magnums, The report (noise) being much less than the more forminable 22 Hornet and very easy for them to conceal utilizing illegal home made noise reduction devices and flash suppresors. This new round is certain to become a favorite of those vermin that would hunt out of season at night ect...... and will add another tool to their arsenal of poaching weapons of choice.
    Thats NOT to knock this wonderful new rimfire round, Just a fact. I don't believe that illegal or improper use of firearms by anyone should be a basis for deciding the appropriate use of these weapons by law abiding citizens. We are all excited about the first "real" mass produced new rimfire round in nearly a hundred years (22 spritz ect... don't count - they are still wildcat) and we all have another alternative to the well established .22 and .22 magnum. I look forward to availability loosening up maybe by christmas and prices comming down a bit where most of my customers can afford one of these exciting new rifles. DO NOT CONFUSE this round with the 17 Remington centerfire cartridge!!
    It is totally differant.... Other exciting .17's due out are the two new Taurus revolvers in this cartridge!!!!
  17. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    Just my opinion but I don't believe that the 17 HRM will be well suited to the purpose the bullet is just to frangable. Them poachers would just lose to much meat. With a caliber that small a head shot would be a must bullet placement to high and you just had a bullet that has deflected off of the skull. I also not that certain that the 17HRM will be all that quiet a reduced bore size for the same case volume should result in a noticable increase in muzzleblast over the 22mag. Just my two cents worth. BESIDES IT PROBABLY WANT KILL THAT MECHANICAL DEER ANY BETER THAN ANYTHING ELSE THE POACHERS ARE USEING NOW. AT BEST THAT EXTRA VELOCITY MAY GET'EM INTO THE SQUAD CAR A FEW SECONDS SOONER.
  18. vodkazombie

    vodkazombie G&G Newbie

    The poachers they catch around here (Southeastern Pennsylvania) favor .22 magnums for deer, and they go for the head. I've seen deer taken this way. They usually drop right on the spot.

    I've watched the questions bounce around and comparisons to the .17 HMR and .17 Remington. The .17 Hornady is to the .17 Remington what a .22 LR is to a .220 Swift. There really isn't any comparison, and I'm not sure what niche this new .17 is going to fill.

    I haven't had any problems taking out small game with a .22lr. For the money you'd spend on one of those .17 Hornady's you could get a really nice .22 Magnum and the money you'd save on ammo would pay for another one in a few years.

    I was actually surprised to hear that Hornady was bringing out the .17 magnum rimfire. In conversations I had in the past with Eley, it was my impression that Eley was going to bring out a .17 rimfire cartridge.

    Well, I'm not bashing the cartridge. I'm not an innovator when it comes to firearms. I like to let the other fellas tinker with the new toys, and if they don't get blowed up, I'll give it a whirl.
  19. pt23350

    pt23350 G&G Newbie

    17 rem

    I have a remington 17rem it is center fire and it is a great varment load. I am willing to sell it if any interestee.
  20. pt23350

    pt23350 G&G Newbie