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  1. MuddyDuck

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    I've been looking at this new rd. and I haven't made up my mind for what this might be used for ...coyotes,or would it lack the "punch" to knock a yote down for good.
    Or maybe small game hunting? Maybe this rd. has too much punch for this because it would destroy too much edible meat on small game sized animals.
    Anyone have one? Can you share your experiences with the .17 WRM.?
    Thank's In Advance!
  2. Jesse

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    I talked to Tony West https://www.gunandgame.com/forums/member.php?s=&action=getinfo&userid=5 about this round. He says the Hornaday ammo is really powerful and gives sensational velocity. It is quite capable for all varmints but, because of its light weight, is greatly affected by wind drift. 100 yds is the effective range under average conditions. 150-200 yds under stellar conditions. This round requires major trigger time. About 200 rds will give you an idea of how your rifle handles this cartridge, as well as what quirks the round exhibits. A fine round with lots of potential for a sub-.22 caliber rimfire.

    A word of caution... I would not use this round on squirrels. It does too much damage.

  3. MuddyDuck

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    Thank's Jessie,I was kinda thinking it's going to a bit much for small game for table fare,Now since there seems to be a lack of funds in the "new rifle" account........
    Might a gunsmith be able to remove a barrel off a .22WRM,Then Install a .17 barrel.That is if a .17 barrel could be found at a reasonable cost.(O.K. Wish mode switched off )
    Maybe I'll wait till Ruger intoduces it's NEW cabine,the 10/.17 !!!
    Oopps,I forgot to flip the off switch.

  4. jerry

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    Ruger has a lever .17 carbine out if I'm not mistaken.

    Ready for duck season down there in Ar-Kansas there Muddy Duck? Opens Thursday here.
  5. MuddyDuck

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    Jerry,So.....Ruger has a lever .17! I'd have to see what the verdict is,as far as the MOA.
    I've never cared for Ruger's barrels,Don't misunderstand what I mean by that statement.I like their Red label O/U barrels,and the M77 series.I feel their semi-auto rimfires & mini 14/.30 line of rifles lack the accuracy of other Companies.I'm not trying to "Flame" Ruger or the firearms mentioned,Just expressing my personal opinion
    You Bet,I'm ready for the Duck Season to open up,Stuttgart is a few hrs.down the Highway.Plus there's a few "HoneyHoles" close enough to home,I can be up to my chest in freez'n water in no time,As I type this,I've got both my feet in a bucket of icewater....JUST to get my self "tempered"!!! GEEEZE YOU KNOW I'M ATE UP WITH IT.
    I wish You successful and a safe season Jerry & everyone else.
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  6. Big Dog

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    .17 Hummer/.22 WMR

    Green Mountain has a Switch-barrel kit in the works. It'll have a modification using a short adapter on the receiver, with two quick-change barrels - .17 HMR and .22 WMR. Got my Marlin 25MN ready whenever they put the kit on the market. :)
  7. mrmarklin

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    :cool: My son has a Ruger bolt action in this caliber, and it shoots easy MOA groups at 100 yards. Ruger really did it right this time!! He has added a spring kit from Volquartsen to help with the trigger pull. It is now 2 lbs. I've always thought Rugers barrels were OK, it's the triggers that kill the accuracy.
  8. guffster

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    Where at in Ark. are you MuddyDuck? Have you been duck hunting around Weiner? I'm originally from Jonesboro & have a lot of family still in that area.
  9. MuddyDuck

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    MrMarklin - Your son's rifle sound's like a real "Tack Driver".
    Is it used at the range or hunting with ?Both?Thankyou for the headsup on this rifle,I'm going to take a closer look at one.
    NOTE: Did you know the Remaining Founder of Ruger passed away in July? It was said he was a hands on type of Man and a Great Engineer- A Sad loss to the shooting Sports.
    Guffster - I'm in the Fort Smith area,But Have Gun-WILL TRAVEL!!! LOL,....I've hunted in Monticello area,I think there is a town named Weinar,Is this the area you mean ? It has lots of rice fields/flooded timber.A true jump hunting or blind hunting spot. I hope to make it there this season twice or more.

    Good Hunting/Be Safe
    Take a child hunting/fishing,
  10. mrmarklin

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    Of course the Ruger .17 is used mostly for hunting. But it also excels at the range. I personally have an Anschutz 1717D in this caliber, and it is excellent as well. Slightly better groups, and better fit and finish than the Ruger.

    The .17 is excellent on small varmints out to 150+ yards. Large ones, such a coyotes should only be taken at close range, < 75 yards as the power goes out of the round for large varmints after that range.

    Wind is a factor with this round, but not a big one in my experience. I hunted ground squirrels extensively with the .17 last summer, and only when the wind was strong, and the distance long did I notice any problems within 100 yards. Longest shot taken last summer was 138 yds by my Leica rangefinder. First shot I ever took with the caliber was 103 yards, and knocked the groundsquirrel a foot in the air. He never knew what hit him as he sat on the stump.

    Go to www.Rimfirecentral.com for a lot of positive reports about the cartridge, including a lot of pictures of animals shot!!!!!!!!!!