.17hmr Savage or Marlin?

Discussion in '.22/rimfire' started by jashoffa, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. jashoffa

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    I am thinking about picking up a .17hmr bolt action....what experiances have you guys had with the Marlin and Savage .17's? I know that I want one with either the wood or laminate stock.

    What do you guys know about the two firing systems. Is the trigger on the Marlin good? How does it compare to the accutrigger? What about accuracy...either one better than the other?

    Both look good in Stainless with the gray laminate stocks. The blued and wood setups have their issues for me. On the one had the Marlin has no checkering on the wood and the wood seems low quality to me. The Savage seems to have slightly better wood and it does have checkering but it seems as if the checkering is stamped and not cut and so looks cheaply done. I understand we are talking about a $250-$300 gun but it is something I noticed about he guns.

    I almost came home from Scheels with the Savage but they only had the gun/scope combo and I wasn't sure that was the scope I wanted for the gun. I guess for the price I had the notion that it had to be a cheap scope....I don't want some grand scope but I would rather choose my own scope, about 50% the cost of the rifle seems like a good rule of thumb.
  2. Mooseman684

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    I have the Marlin 917VSS in .17 HMR....Havent tried the Savage.
    The Marlin has a nice crisp trigger , and after about 30 shots the groups tightened up to a size of a dime at 50 yards...may get tighter yet as the barrel Breaks in. Mine is in a Carbon fiber stock and all stainless action.
    I topped it with a Mueller APV Scope. I'm Happy with it.

  3. .22guy

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    I vote for Savage.

  4. Thought you didnt like Synthetic stocks?
  5. Mooseman684

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    It came like that....LOL
  6. kansascoyote

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    I also have the marlin that mooseman has and agree i can shoot dimes consistantly after much reloading testing . It is a gun well worth the money .Shooting sub moi with a $350 gun is kind of unheard of .
  7. I dont have a .17 but I do have a Marlin 60 rifle and love it. I would go Marlin but i am kinda favored to them lol.

    Moose, lol im supprised you didnt slap some wood on it :p
  8. There is also the Mossberg 817, I have one and it's a nice rifle

  9. Mossberg Smossberg :p
  10. :biggthumpup:

    Between Savage and Marlin..that's a really tough choice. I think I would go with the Marlin.
  11. samuel

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    You're reloading a rimfire?A lot of that going on lately.Sorry but I have the Ruger 77/.17VMBBZ.I think it does better than dimesize 10shot groups.I believe I could do better than Mooseman.I think he is slipping in his old age.I have the advantage being so old I can't get any older. ,,,sam.
  12. big shrek

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    Marlin has the better barrel & action.

    Savage has the better trigger.

    But Riflebasix makes a nice Marlin trigger...
    or you can mod the OEM to get it down where you need it in about 30 minutes.

    I'd rather have a Marlin, just for a better barrel...triggers come & go.
  13. +1
  14. jholtz

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    Hi Big Shrek,

    I don't want to steal the thread but maybe you can elaborate why you think Marlin has a better barrel and action?

    As you know, I've been checking out Marlin 795's hard and also, Savage 64 BTV's. My impression at this point is, Savage has a better receiver/action and I don't see the advantage of Marlin's Microgroove rifling technology. The grooves are so shallow, I'd think they would foul very easily unless the barrel was kept very clean.

    This isn't trolling. I'm VERY close to purchasing the Savage 64 BTV.

    I appreciate your thought!

    Best regards,

  15. I dont know very much about the actions but i know that Marlins Microgrooves are shallower like you said but there are alot more of them so it spins the bullet fine. Also I know on my marlin the barrel doesnt have any problums with fouling. I do clean it after every outing usually but some times its a few days lol.

    Im sure Shrek can go into more detail than Can even think of going into lol. But just wanted to throw that out.
  16. sell33

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    I would just pick whichever you like the look/feel of better. Both are going to perform flawlessly. I have a savage stainless synthetic without the accutrigger. While its not too terribly light the trigger is still pretty smooth and doesn't cause me any problems. I have a friend with a marlin with the thumbhole stock and they are very similar performance wise. Honestly I've never heard of a 17 hmr that wasn't sub-moa accurate. And never heard of functionality issues. I have another friend with a rossi 17 and (although I've never handled or shot it ) he says he gets sub moa out of it too.

    17hmr is just an inherently accurate round.
  17. big shrek

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    You're working in reverse, you WANT quick fouling.
    The difference is that Micro-groove retains less lead/copper in the grooves to mess up your accuracy.
    Once the precision starts to drop off substantially (like around 1K-2K rounds)
    you then know it's time to get in there & clean the copper/lead out.
    Ye olde brass brush & cleaner time :)

    Most folks clean their .22lr barrels once a year or less...or when precision starts to drop off.
    Then you have to re-foul the barrel with a few shots.

    Barrels shoot better with a different amounts of fouling. Some rifles shoot best clean, but most don't.
    Each one is different and you'll need to pay attention to yours and how it shoots to figure out what works best...a logbook is suggested.

    Most .22lr bullets are lead coated with wax, some are lead with copper coats then wax, a few are lead/copper with no wax.
    So is tends to take awhile before copper/lead becomes a real issue...unlike larger caliber bullets.

    Button-rifled Micro-groove barrels have a few advantages over Ballard-groove barrels.
    Less leading due to the shallower groove, Ballard grooves CUT into a bullet deeper, which causes more friction, less speed & more leading.
    Less Distortion of the bullet. the smaller, but 12-16 grooves gently twist the bullet, as opposed to Ballard, which tends to distort the bullet with their 5/6 deep grooves. Less bullet distortion leads to tighter groups.

    Standard barrel Marlin rifles tend to be on par with Bull Barrels made by other folks.
    The precision makes a difference.

    The ONE thing that you HAVE to do, is choose your bullets carefully.
    Bullet fit is the critical issue!!! With Micro-groove, the fatter, the better!
    Proper bullet fit with a barrel gives you MUCH greater precision.

    If you look at the deep lands and grooves of Ballard barrels, it's immediately evident that a considerable amount of deformation to the bullet is necessary to for it to conform to the configuration of that deep rifling with the tall lands. That being such, the lead that is swaged out of place by the lands is displaced and causes a swelling of the greater diameter of the bullet to fill out the bottoms of the grooves, even with a somewhat undersize bullet. This deformation effectively seals the bore, preventing gas blow-by around the bullet (in relatively low pressure loads), and thus the Ballard barrels give at least passable accuracy with most any reasonably designed cast bullet, even if it is somewhat undersized, and not well-fit to the bore.

    I've not broken down a Savage action in decades, so I'm not sure if they are the same as they used to be...but the old ones were a PITA to break down...and Marlins are very quick & easy in comparison to just about everything I've ever dealt with.

    Marlins are definitely easier than Ruger & Squires-Bingham/ARMSCOR...so that's how I gauge it.
  18. jholtz

    jholtz G&G Newbie

    Thanks for the feedback Big Shrek. I'm still looking, researching and comparing to see which rifle fits my needs best.

  19. kansascoyote

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    Reloading the rifle sam not the ammo good lord !