180gr. Winchester Fail Safe Safe to Shoot?

Discussion in 'Winchester' started by shockwalter, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. shockwalter

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    My dad just gave me two boxes of Winchester 180gr Fail Safe ammo and I would like to know if it's safe to shoot in a Garand. This is a mid 80's Springfield made with real Springfild parts.:assult:
  2. BattleRifleG3

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    I think I asked about this a while back, and learned that modern loads designed for commercial rifles are a bit too strong, use slower burning powder, and heavier bullets than the M1 Garand was built to handle.
    When I got my M1 after selling my 30-06 bolt action, I gave the full box of 180gr shells with the rifle and the half used box to GunGeek. I think that Amerivcan Eagle loads are ok for the Garand though.

  3. I would stick with regular M2 ball ammo. You will never get in trouble.
  4. gunsmith_tony

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    Just speaking from my own experience, I wouldn't use any projectiles over 165-grn. Most commercial ammunition designed for both bolt, and gas guns will work. But, as I said, stay away from the heavier bullets. Don't wanna warp an op-rod! ;)
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    Stockwalter, All modern ammo is hard on a M1, all you need to do is get a McCann adjustable gas system for your rifle and you are good to go...You can shoot any ammo you want to, I put one on mine and it works like a charm...You can find them at www.brownells.com part #100-000-402 Happy shooting...:assult:
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    Thank's for all the info everyone!!