185 grain?? for XDM-40??

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory' started by 509_AK, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. 509_AK

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    Hey all,

    I'll be picking up my XDM-40 this week, i just wanted to know if 185 grain is too much for the shooting range, i've seen some with 160,165 grain, and i just wanted your opionions. Again this is just for the shooting range, Wally World sells 185 grain for about $14.00 a box.

  2. Palladin8

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    Back when the .40S&W came out the 180gr bullet was about the only thing they offered. That's about the only thing I ever shot through my Glock for years. They shoot great through my pistol and i'm sure they will shoot great through yours.

    We want a range report when you get it and get the chance to shoot it.

  3. 509_AK

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    I'll even take some pics of the grouping, hope i don't emabarass myself lol
  4. Ninja Piper

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    My .40 loves 180 and 185s, in fact I haven't loaded up anything other than that for a long time. I shoot them at the indoor range all the time.
  5. Heck, I've seen guys shooting AR's in an indoor range! Can you say earplugs PLUS headphones? I think a .40 will be fine regardless of the grain size!! Just be sure to shoot some of your carry ammo through it to make sure the POI is the same as the POA and to ensure it cycles correctly in your XD.
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    I've been feeding my XD40 with 185 FMJ's ever since I got it. Never a hangup. It's the same load weight I use for carry but those are 185 JHP's. Same ballistics.

    So what did you find out with yours? I assume you've gotten it and been to the range?
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    I only tried the .40S&W on varmints,(woodchucks and two coyotes)And had little trouble stopping them but see both TKO=(Taylor knockout) and OSS.=(one shot stopping power, in ballistic jellitin) favor the 155/165gr bullets in .40,s.Most 180,s will run about a 10.1 TKO and an OSS of 73% to 80% where the 155/165,s seem to run 10.7 or so TKO and right around 93% OSS.Being a lover of bullet action,I carry 165,s but if I had fixed sights I would carry whatever put POI and POA togather.Heavier bullets can raise POI and lighter ones lower it.For strictly SD I consider 10yds appropriate.
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    I used to shoot 200Gr cast with 4gr. unique out of my p90dc ruger and loved it . as my luck would have it I can no longer get the bullet.
  9. I have shot both 165 and 180 gr from my XD 40 and I like the 180 the best.