1891 7.65x53 Argentine & 1895 Chileno 7x57 Mausers

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  1. Hey everybody. Recently my brother obtained these two working beauties. I replaced the firing pin in the 7x57 and we shot it the other day. These are solid and both have had some slight mod's done to the stock. My question, since the 7.65x53 ammo is hard to obtain, what should we do with the Argentine, like learn to reload, have it rechambered, etc.? As it is, we are not able to shoot and enjoy it now.
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    7.65 Argentine ammo is available...just have to look for it.
    If the gun has the crest on the front of the reciever ,and it is not ground off, keep the gun original...especially if it has the full Military stock.

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    Check Midway for the 7.65 Argentine ammo....$17.50 for Prvi Partizan box of 20. Graf sells it too, $3 less, but out of stock on it.
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    That brass can easily be made from 30-06 brass. And dies are available from RCBS.
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  6. Looks like I will be buying factory ammo until I decide to start reload. Anyone ever have a smith work on one to hold a scope?
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    If you have it drilled and tapped, you just cut the value of the gun by 50%...
    If the Crest is ground off , then it wont matter much if you have it drilled and tapped.
  8. Hey Mooseman684. Both have the crest on them so I'll take your advise and leave em as they are. Again, they shoot so solid even though the trigger has some creep. I am thinking of deer hunting with the 7x57 this year since we have a little ammo for it and can practice first.
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    They are worth More as collectable guns, if The crests are present and full stocked...I have one of the Argentine Mausers that is full Military , but the crest was ground off...
  10. Collectable guns that are in working order. That has a nice sound to it.
    Thanks again.
    Thanks for the link Mauser.
    Thanks to all for your opinions and help. Unless I ask for your input, I only get to hear the voices in my head.
  11. Sometimes the voices in your head is the only intelligent conversation you'll get....lol
  12. That's what "we" think. ha ha
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    I bought a chilean that was re-worked to shoot .308.
    I do re-load. I have a bunch or 180 gr. FMJBT, and a bunch of 148 gr. FMJBTs.
    I do not have a chronigraf. Any suggestions on loads that would be safe to shoot but not wimpy, either? I know these rifles need to be respected for their age, so no full military loads should be fired in them.
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    I would suggest shooting the lighter bullets and go Midrange in the Reloading manual for the bullets and powder you prefer...This should keep pressures in the safe area and make sure you seat the bullets properly to avoid pressure spikes.
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    I just acessed the IMR reloading data site. Their starting load for 150 gr. bullet is 42.6 gr. IMR 4895 with pressure @ 42,300.
    I am not sure what pressure is really safe in the old rifle...I wonder what should be safe, or what pressure they were made for back in the day?
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    Normally 48-50,000 is what Military Ball ammo runs...
  17. Just throwing it out there, aimsurplus.com usually has prvi ammo for the Argentine
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    Thanks for the data. I was looking for a reload recipe for my FR8, when I run out of Radway Green.