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  1. Ok, so I'm normally a Russian rifle person, but saw a very nice (and unusual looking) 1891 (I am assuming that's the model) Argentine 7.5mm Mauser at a local gun shop. The stock looks like a military hybrid with top handhold and military type bands and spring clip (similar to the band clips on an MN) but nice crosshatching on the forward stock/grip. They are asking $189, and I'm thinking that looks pretty good.

    As for Mausers... Ich Weis Nicht!

    So waddya think?
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    It's actually a 7.65. They are nice little rifles. The factory round makes a nice deer cartridge. Ammunition is not particularly easy to find. You can form the cases from .30-06. For reloading, they take a .310-.311 bullet. .308s will work, but you must use the proper expander, and you may not see very good accuracy.

    The actions are not nearly as strong as a 98. I have one re-barelled in .300 Savage, and that is about the upper end of what I would do. I'm thinking of re-barelling it in .35 Remington. Always wanted a bolt .35 Rem.

    They can make up into a nice lightweight sporter for kids or women (or old farts like me) who don't want to tote a heavy rifle.

    The cock-on-closing is a little annoying, and results in a rather crummy trigger pull.

    I would not pay $189 for one. $100-$125 would be more like it. I got mine for under $100. I see nice original models in the $125 range fairly frequently.
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  3. Thanks RFC. Since the shop is a little high end it's reasonable that they are priced higher than the market. Just looked like a nice little shooter. I'll stick to my M39, and the Russians for the time being.:)
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    the actions are no where near as strong as the 98's. nice rifles, but beware of their limitations.
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    like the old 30-40 krag. The argintine is a wonderfully smooth action. It is however a bit weak, so be careful not to overload your cartridges.