1895 Classic Range and accuracy

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Apr 6, 2002.

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    I'd like to know what kind of groupings an 1895 Classic in 45-70 would get, and at what ranges it would be effective on which game (whitetail, elk, moose, black bear, grizzley).
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    I too would like to know. I picked up a '70s 1895 straight stock 45/70 specifically for this years hunt. Personally, I'd like some actual experience related info, vice theoretical (book stuff). Any suggestions?

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    Ok here's what I've learned from the guys at Marlin talk.

    1. You can expect accuracy to be 1" from 50-100yds and not much more than 2" at the same ranges. At 200yds ( a reasonable limit for an ethical shot) not more than about 4"

    2. For Deer most shots I've read about tend to be between 50-100 yds. That goes for elk too but usually shorter range. Bear I would expect that you would see that shot anywhere from 30-100 yds. All well within the 45-70 effective range.

    There are those that believe the 45-70 will shoot farther effectively but these tend to be excepted averages. I will say that from what I've gleaned talking with other Marlin owners regarding this issue is that these rifles can shoot! That's why i will be joining the ranks of lever gun owner shortly. I hope this helps and please know that this is all second hand info. I would highly suggest going to www.marlinfirearms.com and clicking on Marlin Talk and postin this question under the Big Bore section you will get lots of more qualified answers. you guys have a couple of great rifles in your hands. Good shooting!
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    Well, I don't have one... I had a big bore Marlin once, if you count the Camp 45, but I sold it and moved on to bigger and better things (ie M1 Garand). But I'm looking forward to getting a 45-70 some day.
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    I had a straight stock 1970's mod. 1895 that I bought in about 1976. I put a Williams peep sight on it, and got groups similar to what you are talking about. You need to shoot this rifle a lot to get used to the "old time" trajectory over 150 yards. This is an accurate, powerful, useful rifle, and I think it looks great with the straight stock. It's a great rifle to shoot just for fun, and I had great accuracy with Remington factory loads and with medium - to higher power handloads from the Speer book. A great rifle, and one I should NEVER have sold.

    Check the Marlin Firearms "Marlin Talk" forum for lots of information on the .45-70.