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    I feel very fortunate to be the owner of this '03, it is an exceptional firearm...historically speaking. It consists of a 1930 four groove barrel, 1920 receiver. The rear sight assy, bolt, trigger and butt cap are all circa 1910. The firing pin is circa 1918/20 and remarkably, the wood stock is vintage 1906. It just amazes me that the bolt was retained for use during a 1930's armory rebuild. But it is the stock that is so amazing to have survived and the armory did not incorporate all of the modifications that a serviceable stock should have had at that time. So yes, I feel very fortunate to have it. And the guys at Williams Gun Sight, Inc did an outstanding job with reparkerizing all the metal work (without loosing any of those little springs/pins/screws I sent them). I would attach some pictures but I am unable to figure out the process.

    My questions: I've not yet fired this but will soon. All those rear sight apertures confuse me! I want to begin shooting at 100 and 200 yards and later, reaching out further. What apertures do I use for 100/200 yards?

    The safety lever causes me some confusion too. When the bolt is 'cocked', I must still pull the firing pin back by hand about .100 of an inch in order to engage the safety. Is this normal for an '03? It just seems to me that the safety should be able to engage at any time after the bolt is cocked.

    Gentlemen...any thoughts?

    Finished springfield 001.jpg

    Finished springfield 002.jpg

    Finished springfield 003.jpg

    Finished springfield 004.jpg

    Finished Springfield 006.jpg

    Finished Springfield 008.jpg

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    You should be able to apply the safety without pulling the knob rearward. Short of replacing some parts, I am not sure how you could fix it.

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    First of all, gorgeous gun :D

    You shouldn't have to pull the nob back. It doesn't sound like your issue is a huge deal, but it may be worth contacting a gunsmith, or someone with a lot of 1903 knowledge.

    Let us know how she shoots :D I still need to get mine out to the range :(
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    You do have a good looking weapon. Google 1903 Springfield rifle collectors. You can find almost everything you want to know about your weapon by researching and asking questions. Good Luck
  5. Check the assembly instructions at surplusrifle.com for proper assembly of your bolt, otherwise, you'll probably need a new safety that matches your bolt. For short range work, the little peep sight at the bottom of the ladder on the lowest graduation line should put you on target at about 100 yards with M2 Ball. Nice looking 03!
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    Nice rifle, I hope to get one eventually.
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    After some checking around I fianally put a call into Edward Silva, owner of MILTECH. After some discussion, it seems that a componant or componants of the bolt and perhaphs the trigger/sear assy are worn. The problem may be solved by first replacing the fireing pin (cocking knob).

    Thanks for all your input.
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    nice very nice have fun shooting that sweet hart
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    1903 Springfied

    I just found this forum and registered right away. Checking through the threads I found this one about 1903's.
    I had a hole in my collection that I just filled about 3-4 weeks ago with the help of "Dennis" at Empire Arms.
    Needless to say I am well pleased to have this rifle in my hands now. It is in outstanding shape as you can see.
    I plan to "test" it out later this summer.
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    Welcome to G&G! :D

    The M1903 is a great rifle indeed. There is lots of info here on the 03, and on lots of other firearms.

    Enjoy your stay :D
  11. Beautiful rifles guys.