1911 Gov w/ CMC 10+ Mag

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by inglockwetrust, May 11, 2020.

  1. inglockwetrust

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    Folks -- I just acquired a DW PM7 in 45acp. It comes with 2x 7rds OEM mags. So I decided to also get a 10rds mag from CMC, hearing good things about the brand.

    Now: the 2 mags that came with the DW eject easily, once after pressing the mag release. However the CMC doesn't work like that: I have to pull it for it to eject. Is that normal? Do I need to oil the mag? or return the mag?

    Note: not sure if this is a factor, but I haven't done my field strip yet, as I have no idea when I'll be able to go to the range, given all are currently shut down.

    Salutations from SF, CA.
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  2. cjleete

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    I have never tried extended magazines for my 1911 pistols. I know you want to keep oil off your magazines, lest oil contaminate your ammo.
    Try a break in period, before you return them.
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  3. OneShotKill

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    I have 3 of those 10 round mags, for maybe 12 years now and never had an issue. They do seem a little tight, meaning they do not fall free when the magazine release is pressed. I converted a 1911 to 400 Corbon and carry it with an 8 round Novac magazine in it and use those three as my spares in that one gun so I do not have 1911 magazines some with 400 in them and some with 45 acp. So, I have only tried them in the one gun.

    If your mags are too tight, I would suggest marking the tops of them with something like a permanent marker and seeing where they bind before I would try filing.

    Have you measured the mags? I once had a Ruger P95 that I bought after market mags for and they were simply to big for the magwell and had to be sanded down. They are good mags in my expereince.
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  4. ChaZam

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    I would contact the manufacturer and ask them it is intended to be a drop free mag or not...
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    I’m a gonna take a beatin for this.
    I’m not too hung up on drop free. I train specifically to not end up with mags on the ground.

    Disclaimer: I, under no circumstances expect people to agree or follow suit.

    it started quite by accident when I first started using semi auto pistols. Money was very tight back then and I didn’t want to dirty up and ruin mags all over the floor of the Sonoran desert. I just got in the habit of controlling the ejected mag and pocketing it.

    I suppose it could get me kilt if I ever needed to do a John Wick thing to save my skin, but think I’m okay in general.

    In all fairness. Being drop free does help with the process. Does the 10 round extend a bit from the mag well?
  6. chesterwin

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    I have aftermarket 1911 mags. that work fine in my Colt 1911's. An Argentine clone will only free drop higher quality ones like Chip Mccormick or Wilson. If the one you have doesn't fall free with ejection, if you have a micrometer, check the size compared to the factory mags.. I think you'll find it's a bit larger somewhere.
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  7. inglockwetrust

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    Hey folks. Just wanted to bring a conclusion to this. I bought some Tripp CobraMags and they (10rd / 7rd) work flawlessly. So I decided to return the CMC.
  8. neophyte

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    inglockwetrust: Sir; when you can :) a short and long term review :)
    will be appreciated and enjoyed :)