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    I have a friend that was just given a box of 1911 parts ( mostly aftermarket) Since he doesn't know how to cut a computer on, he has asked me to do the "leg" work on here for him.
    was wondering if ya'll could post your favorite sites to buy parts from. I have a feeling that I will be ordering parts for him for quite awhile ( ya he's in heaven right now) and I'm not sure the best sites to go to.
    Any help would be great! Thanks
  2. www.brownells.com The folks at Brownells stand behind everything they sell, 100%. If you ain't happy, they ain't happy.

    www.gunpartscorp.com Numrich is pretty good too. Most of what I have received from them was NOS (new old stock), but I have on the rare occasion gotten something that was near worn out.

    As a side note: I won't assemble a parts gun unless the sear, trigger and safety parts are in very good to as new condition. With the 1911's the disconnector Must be new.

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    The Cowboy's got good advice, Brownells sells top of the line stuff. I built a 45 several years back but the staking was all done before hand not by me(front sight and the tube on the side for the safety and slide release) This is not a job to rush through you have to make sure the barrel locks up right and the trigger and sear and other parts all work together right.
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    thanks for the advice guys. The friend I mentioned has been putting guns together for awhile. He said the same thing Cowboy did. His problem is he can't cut a computer on to save his life! The parts he obtained are all new ( as far as he can tell) The thing is it like someone threw parts from 5 jigsaw puzzles into a box, BUT not all the parts to each. now hes looking to complete each puzzle
  5. Wilson Combat also has a lot of parts. Many are drop in, though the beaver tail safety sometimes has to be fit. Did the beaver tail on an Auto Ordinance (the used gun cost me little, so it was a good test bed). Bought the fitting jig & with a lot of cutting & careful final fitting, it came out beautifully. Gotta like to tinker.

    The folks at customer service are polite & will give you good input.