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1920 CG Swedish M96 SA marked

Discussion in 'Firearm Appraisal' started by bobvz, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. bobvz

    bobvz G&G Regular

    99% rifle all matching with beech wood stock. Stock disc at minimums. Threaded muzzle. All nitre blueing intact on springs and rear sight. Any idea of value?
  2. They are going for around 500 bucks !..............

  3. mauser9

    mauser9 G&G Evangelist

    $500 ya say swedesrus. Seems these milsurps have been going up lately and not just the german stuff. Gettin that much for R/C 98ks or more.
  4. CopperniX

    CopperniX Forum Fanatic Staff Member

    Swedish milsurps have always seemed to hold a slightly higher value due to their great construction.
  5. gsbuickman

    gsbuickman G&G Evangelist

    The Swiss and Swedish milsurps seem to hold more value than any other milsurp that I've seen. Just For Kix I was recently offered $525 just for the stock off of my Swedish 94/14 6.5 carbine
  6. I have been offered $2000.00 for my #'s matching Husqvarna m/96, I said no !................
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