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    This seems kinda painful. Give it a chance I guess.

    I was Robert on the forum...no...not Homer...not Jim Dandy...then Endo when we moved here...them a day later that was gone...sheez...

    3 Creeks is what my daughter named our place out here when she was about 6...12 now...Time Fades Away...

    No one ever commented on the 1924 .300 in GunBroker...it's too late to help me with it now. I couldn't help but add it to the gun safe. Should be here next week...seemed like a sweet one.

    I guess someone here knows how to post a pic? E-mail me at home if you have instructions...Best Regards...
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    I think you lost us all here,what are you talking about.

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    Smile...sorry. I'm from the old gun and knife forum. We had quite a group there. They shut it down. We all found the Gun and Game forum...and re-convined there. I posted about this 1924 Savage...a little more detail in the question...and was looking for my old buds to comment. They shut us down there...and we moved here. So...this question was a follow up to a question that started with a select group that has never been answered! Make sense? Kinda? Meanwhile...I had to change my login name...so none of them recognized me...(we all surf the gun auction sites and bounce opinions about certain guns back and forth)

    Anyway. Hello. Thanks. Any posts from here will be new issues with more detail! Kind Regards,
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    You cought the first boat shipping out but missed the second. We are at 24hourcampfire.com.