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    Any ideas on approx. value? I think its a 1939 Mauser M/42. Has someone's SSN enscribed on side, all matching serial numbers except magazine's. Includes holster from 1916 w german officers name etched in leather.

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  2. Welcome to the boards jroman.

    That's not a Mauser, it's a Luger P08. And other than the Electra-pencil marks, a right fine looking one at that. Other than that,,, well, I have no idea as to value. Do wish I could afford one though.

  3. Just once I wish I could be a low life so I could say that it"s worth $20 and offer to buy. lol It's worth a bit...Atleast 600. Look for some marks in the way of usaully three letters like dwm, or byf on the top of the reciever and or the bolt then elt us know. These are manufactures marks tellin who made it. It is a Luger P08. It can be worth alot too! Some, a WHOLE LOT! Sorrym, but I gotta ask, how did you get such a fine piece?
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    I'm pretty sure it's a Mauser. My grandfather took it off a dead german. The coolest thing about it is the German's name is still enscribed in the leather holster.

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    Nope...Its a Luger.

    With the holster I could easily see this selling for $800-$1,000. And Im being conservative. I've seen mismatched Lugers in worse condition sell for more than $1,000 on the online auctions.
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    You Guys...:hitwithrock:
    It is A Mauser Mfg. "Luger" pistol...Mauser Probably produced More Lugers than any other company pre-war and Post war ! From 1934- to the 1970's
  7. That's why I was asking if there was any set of three letters on it. I know that Luger wasn't a company/factory, just the last name of the man who revised the old Borchardt pistol and that companies like Mauser and Deutsche Waffen und Munitions (DWM) manufactured them. I have just always seen their codes being three letters on Lugers. I'm guessing that on this one though, the 42 would be Mauser's code?