1943 CMP M1 update - got a GAW stock!

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  1. I happened to mention on the CSP forum that my 1943 M1 from CMP came with a nice "period" but unmarked stock. Someone emailed me that they had followed my "quest" for an M1 and would like to donate an extra GAW-cartouched stock!

    I was anticipating a piece of firewood, but the stock came and it was beautiful! The GAW was faint, but perfectly readable - the condition made it look as if it had just walked out of RickB's workshop!

    Tried to post a picture from my website but didn't take - try the website if you want to see some pictures - the ones in the garage are of the new stock (sorry about the mess!)

  2. You'll have to cut and paste on the whole web address.

    Chris! How do you post a picture???

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    Thank you for the complement Sir it is greatly appreciated and the donor probably never realized he would make me happy to.
    Have you put the IMG in box in front of a photo link then the /img in a box { I say the box as if I type it , it will not show it} It would be the same as the Example below shows and nice thing about this forum is you can edit it as many times until you get it right. Bottom right hit edit and change anything you typed or you're photo. This is one of the many great features of this web site compared to many out there and after you tinker around you will find there are many things you can do like the little happy heads with guns hehehehe. Rick B:full: :jet: :cheer::gangster: :insane: :spaceship
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