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1950 Spanish Mauser

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I'm in the process of purchasing a 1950 number matching Spanish Mauser. The markings indicate that is was made by Fabrica DeArmas at the La Coruna plant in 1950, that is is cal. 7.92 (8x57JS). The right side of the receiver has a 72 followed by a semi-heart looking symbol, which is followed by a small banner looking symbol. Could someone enlighten me as to the history of these guns, and if $90 is a good price for it. The stock is beautiful, shiny, unmarked, with nice grain; the hardware has 100% blueing or is black (front most handguard band) the bore is clean, shiny, with sharp rifling; the last 2 inches of the barrel (just forward of the handguard) has had the blueing removed and now has a satin finish. Am I getting the buy that I think I am?
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why you hesitating??? for $90 dollars!!! un real!!! i have seen them in the $350-500 range and no where near as nice as you describe!!!
I bought a FR-8 marked 1950 at a pawn shop for 150.00 it looks like it was never fired the bore and whole gun look new .no import marks and all matching Numbers's even the bayo. looks to have the original finish. how much are these usually worth.
DD, you have a Spanish M43 Mauser rifle, designed after the German Kar98k. Mine is dated 1954, but was sadly Bubba'd. The price is very good, if the stock is still in good shape and all parts are there! Sounds like a pretty good deal.
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