1969 s&w 38

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    need value for 1969 s&w 38, r49838, mod. 32-1
  2. Pictures will greatly help someone to give you an approximate value. Without having it in their hands and look it over thoroughly for fit and finish, an approximate value is all one could give.

    The finish and condition is based on a percentage. Thus if it's 100% it's going to worth more then one where the finish is in only a 50% or 75% condition.

    If you want to rough idea, you can go here and in the search area, type the firearm in and see what sellers are asking for one and what condition the one/s they have are in?

    You can also get a good idea by going here and doing an advanced search and search for and look in the completed auctions.

    Guns - Online Gun Auction - Guns at GunBroker.com

    Give it time and someone will be able to give you an approximate value. But without a picture, it's not going to be as helpful as it would if you include a few good pictures.

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    Hello gmitchell01
    The Model revolver you speak of here was called "The Terrier" Model. They were the last ones to be made in the Old time caliber of .38 S&W. The .38 S&W caliber was the forerunner to the now popular .38 Special and was a Lot less Powerful. To me, it is like comparing the .22 Short round to the .22 Long rifle round. S&W discontinued the caliber as it was not all that Popular any more. That said, it will fetch an average of $300.00-$400.00 depending on the shape of the gun. Shown is my Pre-Model stamped Terier from the 1950's time span. I bought this one off an Older Widow for $200.00. I hope this helps, Hammerdown