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    Triggers are adjustable.
    Safety is a half-cock notch.
    On the earlier models anyway.
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    i'll be darned.
    you are right!


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    Just a little note, if you cock the hammer back ready to shoot, and then decide not to shoot and let the hammer back down, you have to break open the gun if you want to cock it again!
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    Gota Love them Contenders. I have been shooting them for years now.I have over 20 barrels and a couple of frames. 204 Ruger to 45-70.
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    Right...good point. You don't necessarily have to open the breech but you need to activate the trigger guard release to set the trigger. Of course when you activate the trigger guard the breech will open...anyway...

    Ya got me droolin'.
  6. Saw a G2 model with 6 barrels up at Gander Mountain for 1995.99 Monday, thought it to be a bit much. None of the barrels were wearing scopes, 2 of the barrels had were the ones with the shredders. I didn't ask to look at it because it seemed as if the employees were to busy talking to the female "customers".
  7. Need some help, what is the schredder?
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    It's a choke with straight lands that will break up a shot-dome and stop the shot from spinning. It counteracts the rifling off the barrel.The original was an external screw-on choke but the feds had a ballistical cow over it...T/C subsequently produced an internal screw-in choke.

    The original was provided with the .45C/.410 barrel...

    I've never heard the device called a shredder but it does make sense considering what it does.
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  10. Dad has one for his original 44 Mag Barrel. The barrel is octagon in shape and 10 inches long without the shredder
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    I have the first iteration .45/.410 barrel (1967-68) which is about 8" Octagon with an added (machined) extention for the choke to screw into...makes it into a 10". I bought it simply because the feds were making such a fuss but does work well too.

    I love the looks of the octagon barrels...lots of class.

    T/C used to have a lifetime warranty but not sure what they have now.
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    I just recalled...no pictures; didn't happen.

    Contender with .30 Carbine barrel.
    .22 Hornet barrel
    .45/410 barrel with external choke
    .38Spl/.357 Mag barrell

    The tool is the choke wrench.

    In the original (circa '68) clamshell styrofoam box.

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    i have a 1-4x old school tasco (back when they were quality) scout scope and i am toying with the idea of a red dot for one of the bbls.
  14. Kinda hard to get pics of dad's his is at his house 150 miles away
  15. Another interesting and useful caliber in a Contender is 357 Herrett. Mine in 14", pushes a 180 grain bullet at 2K and holds 'em inside 2" at 100 yards.
  16. Mouser, thanks. Just wanted to make sure that is what it was. I have a 44 mag barrel with a vent rib that has a choke (shredder) that screws into the end of the barrel. I used to be able to load a green shot cartridge into it that gave the 44 the capability of a 2.5 inch 410 shot shell. I dropped a couple of ducks with it and a few cottontails at close range. I have found some flat capsules that you can load yourself but they do not hold the amount of shot the old ones did and do not perform as well.
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    Didn't ask you for pics.
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    i had a minor windfall
    so i am looking for a 30-30 bbl
    since i have lots n lots of lead as well as about 1000 match king projectiles
    i will be able to make ammo right away.
    i found a muzzle tamer 12" bull bbl 30-30
    and i think i will get it.
    i dig hand cannons.
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    after much thought and counting of pennies
    i am going with a MGM 15 .75 " 30-30 bull bbl
    and a benchrest forend from tony.
    it is a lot of money to me but
    if i am going to put any money into it i might as well do it right.
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    i want that forend to match my original grip
    i guess it's walnut