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1975 contender

Discussion in 'Thompson' started by billy, Sep 18, 2012.


    GUNZABLAZIN G&G Evangelist

    You got it Billy, walnut!
  2. I know this is an old thread, but recently revitalized. And the above quote is from months ago...however, I would like to add that -- on the older models -- if you cock the hammer and then lower it without firing the gun, a blow to the hammer can discharge the arm! Thus, if you had a round in the chamber, cocked then lowered the hammer, and then placed the gun on a shooting bench. If you accidently knocked the gun off the bench and it landed on the hammer, it would discharge. That DID happen.

  3. octagonal 10" 357 mag
    14" bull match .22lr
    fixed 4x scout scope
    burris 2.5-7x scope
    i really need to get that forend
    i love bench shooting
    and i cant wait for that 3030 bbl.

  4. i borrowed the silver scope from a member here
    and i was abe to cobble the other set up by going through the ol junk drawer
    sometimes it is nice buying the wrong stuff
    getting mad
    and tossing it in a drawer
    then years later
    i need it!
  5. wharf

    wharf G&G Evangelist

    I had a contender in 30/30 which i used for handgun silhouette standing match.I loved it very much.2003 nationals i shot second highest score in standing match with it.I was stoked.You will love it mate.
  6. [​IMG]

    you might be able to see the beer bottle i was nailing .
    it is sitting on the black box in the distance


    this is a zoom shot of the bottle
    i made a little movie of me hitting it
    and i may post that later
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  7. my daughter in laws camera has a screwed up date
  8. the rest i have on that tripod i took off a store bought shooting stick.
    it works very well.
    i would like to get a surveyors tripod and build a pistol rest to put on top.
    always tinkering.....
  9. the 10" .357 bbl is wearing a fixed 4x scout scope
    the 14" 22 match has a burris 2.5-7x pistol scope.
    as soon as i get a bench forarm for it i will set up a table and really try for groups
  10. funny thing about my oct bbl
    the chamber is so tight that rounds that fit easily in my DILLON cartridge test gauge
    wont fit in that barrel!
    anybody ever heard of this?
    it's great for accuracy
    but a PITA for reloading.
  11. DWFan

    DWFan Handgunner

    Yep, heard of it; only saw one. Very desireable I am told. You might want to do a chamber casting and see if you can run x-long rounds like the 180gr Hornady XTP seated to its lower cannelure.
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  12. contender on a contender
    a BSA 6-24 44MM target scope and a dumb lookin bench forend i made in about 15 minutes

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  13. wharf

    wharf G&G Evangelist

    Has it has 38 rounds fired through it?If so the chamber might have some crud up the end where the 38 round is shorter than the 357mag?
  14. i cleaned it very well
    factory ammo fits fine
  15. wharf

    wharf G&G Evangelist

    Is you reloaded ammo on a compressed charge?If so be carefull seating projectile deeper,pressure will rise.Might have a tight match grade chamber
  16. wharf

    wharf G&G Evangelist

    Have the cases got a mark on them wear the sizing die in the crimp die is touching them.
  17. probably
    i know there is a tiny bulge about halfway down the case
    my eye cant see it but the round stops going in the chamber there.
  18. wharf

    wharf G&G Evangelist

    are you using jacketed projies or lead gas checked?Reason i ask is i was using bulk bought lead projies that were coppermoly coated.I had some that were tight in my revolver cylinder.The projies needed to be sized as the copper coat was making them well over .358 .and once loaded the case would bulge.I had to size and gascheck them.Pain in the *** when you buy what should fit.
  19. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    Is the bulge on loaded reloads or after they've been fired? Try lightening (backing off) the crimp die slightly.

    The problem you speak off is common with .22 Hornet and is caused by the crimp being a little too much; could be the same for your .38/.357 reloads.

    Is the 10" a used barrel?
  20. oh yes
    it is the original bbl.
    loaded reloads
    yeah maybe too much crimp.