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1975 contender

Discussion in 'Thompson' started by billy, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. went to test ammo yesterday and had a bunch of duds with the early contender. i am making a list of possible causes 1 dirty gun 2 weak hammer spring 3 bad primers 4 headspace issues 5 locking bolt not extending all the way
    so i am doing a teardown of the frame and really getting it clean
    and just ordered a new spring.
  2. the unfired rounds are a little under flush with the barrel chamber

  3. i think i am getting stupider as i get older and all those drugs didnt help ........
  4. after searching for a way to hook my bipod to my new forend i found this from midsouth shooter supply

    1" Swivel Set W/ Hardware & Screw For Thompson Center Contender
    part no. GTSW22
    $26.00 SHIPPED
    it will attach any bipod to any forearm.
    just what the doc ordered.
  5. i found a NOS carbine fore end in the junk drawer of a local gun shop.
    looks new
    i am pretty jazzed.
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  6. [​IMG]
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    GUNZABLAZIN G&G Evangelist

    Very good match, ain't Contenders fun!!!! :D
  8. i am installing a brake on this bbl.
    i like seeing bullet impacts.
    as far as folks saying how much they hate brakes because they are loud.
    my thinking is
    it's a gun fer chrissakes
    of course it's loud.
    and if you dont have adequate hearing protection
    that isnt my problem.
    kind of a moot point since i shoot it in the desert and there is no one for miles but
    you get the idea.
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  9. ok
    i got a MGM 16.5 bull bbl in .223rem
    and from a member here at good ole G&G
    i have a T/C factory bbl with muzzle brake in the works
    you guessed it
    45-70 ;)
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  10. olcop

    olcop G&G Evangelist

    Two things I like on your TC; the Puma engraving, wish TC had continued that tradition, and the SS rings on the otherwise blued gun----nicely done!
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  11. i found this online.
    Even with its thunderous recoil the .45-70 does have its place in the Contender line up. For big game animals such as elk and various bear species, there is hardly a caliber that delivers like the .45-70 Government. It certainly isn’t a fancy, sharp-shouldered belted behemoth that blazes a bullet along at 3400fps. The specialty of this caliber is moving a large diameter, heavily constructed bullet at moderate velocities that lands with the force of a freight train.

    by Dan Bowers
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  12. i have a carbine
    super 14
    and octagonal barrels for this
    and i want to have one custom bench forend that is drilled for all three
  13. I went hog wild and made an oak br forend and all kinds of cool stuff.
    But i just put it back to it's original configuration.
    Looks so cool and is pure joy to shoot 20161219_084332.jpg
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  14. Before i take this one out.
    I get a big pile of ammo and try to insert each round to see if it'll chamber.
    I end up with a pile of no goes that i use in my other guns.
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  15. New life to this old thread.
    Fabulous storyline development, Billy.
    As for a fun gun:

    dig it!
    Jimmy handcannon 2.jpg
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  16. I have 80 gr matchkings and h4895 I am going to try maybe today
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  17. Billy,
    I dig the video. You gotta let us know how them big 80's do in your rig.
    You're my hero!
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