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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by riverrat, May 26, 2008.

  1. riverrat

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    I'd like to own a carbine that shoots pistol rounds and I'm leaning towards a .44 or .45 cal levergun. I already own a 30-30 and love the action of a lever. But I have a few questions.
    1) Is the .45 Long Colt compatible with the acp? What about the .45 Colt? I've seen leverguns chambered for these 2 rounds but have never seen a .45 acp. What's the difference?
    2) What about the .357 as a hunting round for deer and hogs? Out to about 125 yds?
    3) I've also checked into the Kel-tec and Hi-point carbines and have paid alot of attention to the threads posted on this forum about those weapons. But I dont want a 9mm.

    I would appreciate any feedback from anyone. I'm not new to shooting or hunting, been doing it for 30 years. But I grew up in the Ozarks, where a deer rifle was a .22 mag. LOL. I never owned a deer rifle until about 8 yrs ago when I bought the 30-30. Up until then I owned 1 gun. A single shot 12 ga which I hunted everything with.So there is alot I dont know about ammo and balistics. What I want is a pistol and rifle chambered for the same round that can take care of home defense, hunting medium sized game, and SHTF situations.
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    Hey there RR. First off the .45 Colt and .45 Long Colt are the same round, but the ACP (stands for Automatic Colt Pistol) is not. The ACP round is much shorter and lacks a rim. If hunting, I'd choose the .44 mag, but the .45 colt can be effective if kept within it's limits and\or loaded to it's potential.

  3. I am happy with my Marlins 44 ande 45lc. Ifn yer gonna hunt go for the 44mag its more versitile. 357 is ok for deer and hogs, a buddy of mine hunt hogs with a S&W 686 and brings one home every year. I wouldn't hunt hogs but deer no problem. 9mm has passed the deer test with silver tips,golden sabres, and gold dots. The deer in South Jersey are really horny goats...abt 100 lbs is a big one. I wouldn"t hunt any thing much bigger though, certainly not a hog. Yhe 9mm was designed to be a self defense round, The Germans realized this and developed a SMG round and had to develop a 9mm pistol to shoot that ammo the walther p38 was that pistol, the p08, and p35 would not hold up to the SMG ammo.
  4. I think the .357 & 44 mag are good contenders, I personally have a Long barrelled revolver and a winchester 94 in .357. Quite a few buddys have carbines in either 9mmP, .357 or .44 and a couple have De-lisle carbines in .45acp. Not too sure what one could effectively hunt with them though?
  5. samuel

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    In my opinion the .45(lc)would be ideal for the purposes you state if you stay under 100yds (way under when hunting).If you are going to try 100yd shots,then the .44rem mag would be best.The .357 is ok but in my experience,just doesn't have that stop em in their tracks that the larger bullets have. sam.
  6. I would get any Henry Big boy gun. .45 colt, .357 mag/38 special, and .44 mag/44special. Pick your choice but I'd chose the .44 mag.
  7. riverrat

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    Thanks, guys. I looked today at a Marlin 1895 in .44 and a Taurus Tracker. Can get both for $900.
  8. okami515

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    thats good river, plus you can shoot 44spl. in them.
  9. sc928porsche

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    I have an interesting combination. M1 carbine and Ruger Blackhawk in M1 carbine. BTW the blackhawk is a tackdriver and very pleasant to fire. I would really like to convert a 9mm semi auto pistol to that round.
  10. oldjarhead

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    Converting a 9mm to .30 carbine is not feasible, if not impossible, because of the difference in cartridges. There was only one actual semi-auto pistol ever made for the .30 carbine round (that worked) and that is the IAI (Irwindale Arms Ind) Automag III. It is large and somewhat hard to handle if you have small hands but it is one helluva power house. This firearm was a true pistol and was based on the 1911 design. IAI went defunct several years ago and available Automag III's are going for $600-700. Once you've shot one, you will declare it a definate keeper.

    Universal brought out a "pistol" version of their M1 carbine in the 70's but it was based on the carbine action which made it a two-hand shooter for the most part. These are fairly rare since few were made but would be a nice addition to any collection. They were going for $400-500 last time I found one for sale.
  11. Cyrano

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    New York
    riverrat, if you can hold off buying your carbine-pistol combo for another few months, Hi-Point says ("This time for sure!" as Bullwinkle used to say) they will be marketing the Model 4595, the .45 ACP version of the Model 995 semi-auto carbine that many shooters love for its reliability and unfussiness. Look at some of the other threads in the Pistol-caliber Carbines forum - there is a photo of the prototype in one of them.
  12. feralchild

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    I don't like pistol cal rifles. If I want to carry the weight of a rifle, I want a rifle caliber.
  13. binabik

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    i see that you said you are looking for a lever gun, now i have not owned this weapon but i really want to, the Cx4 and the PX4 you can get from beretta has not only compatable ammo but if you get the correct version the Cx4 can shoot the same magazines as the Px4 and vice versa.

    the downside is that if you are set frim on .45 caliber then this might not be for you, they have .45 but not compatable with a Px4. but there is both .40 caliber and 9 mm caliber, the .40 caliber has a magazine capacity of 14 shots and the 9mm has 17

    they are also i have heard safe, simple, light weight, and most people who shoot them love them

    just thought you might consider this
  14. Iron_Colonel

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    Well, you can't really go wrong with a .454 Casull or 45 Long Colt lever. It is possible to load the .45 LC a little hotter to get better ballistics out of them if you're interested in that. Ruger makes/made a .45 LC/ACP revolver. It came with two cylinders one for .45 LC and the other for .45 ACP.

    But the .454 Casull lever itself will probably give you decent range for a pretty good 100 yd shot. Plus you can shoot .45LC out of it too for plinking, or even doing some hunting out of it. .454 Casull pistols are obtainable, but pricey for new ones. Then you'd be able to shoot the .45 LC out of it, and maybe in some of them a .410 gauge shotgun shell out of it too, like the Taurus Judge that shoots .45 LC/.410ga shotgun shell.

    But you can't really go wrong if price isn't much of a factor. There are .357mag lever actions, you can combine with a .357mag pistol, and you can't go wrong either with a .44 mag lever/pistol combo... So it looks like there are quite a few options out there if you haven't made a choice yet.

    I have a Mech Tech Carbine Conversion Unit (CCU) for my .45 Auto 1911 pistol. I just unplug the frame from the slide and plug it on to the CCU and uses the regular mags. It shoots only .45 Auto, and I haven't done any hunting with it, but theres a 2 for 1 deal there too. So if you have a 1911 .45 Auto pistol, and want to have some fun, theres something else too. They can also be bought for Glock in different calibers as well.

    I have shot a .30 carbine pistol by Ruger, and it is quite a good shooter. I do like the pistol, and have an M1 Carbine, so there's the combo right there. Anyways, good luck. Let us know what you choose.
  15. big shrek

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    Good old fashioned .44 Magnum lever-action will do you right. You can use cowboy rounds to practice with so it won't kick yer fuzzy shoulder into next week.

    Not to mention all the six-guns out there in .44 mag for cowboy action fun! Get two!

    Add a double-barreled 12 gauge with rabbit ears and you have a full SASS set.
  16. Rave

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    Now that sounds like a plan!