!/2 MOA with Stevens 200

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by shjf, May 16, 2008.

  1. shjf

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    Getting .50 groups from the .223 consistantly useing Sierras 69 gr. HPBT's.They seem to buck the wind fairly good ,well be good for groundhogs on windy days.Been useing 21.5 gr. Benchmark,Rem. 7 1/2 primers,Rem brass,and 25,000 off lands.

    Also been shooting 36 gr. varmint grandes quite well 3/4 of an inch or less at 100 yards.26 gr.'s of Varget has been the choice powder for this combo.To bad Varget has been so hard to get these days:sad2:.

  2. Paul T

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    Ever try H380 or H414or mabe H335?

  3. wily1

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    Pretty much the same for my Stevens .223 using 36 gr Varmint Grenades, I load with 26.2 grains Varget for my best results. Haven't had a problem getting Varget to date, although the Varmint Grenades seem to sell out quite fast. I have over 100 loaded and two boxes of Varmint Grenades in reserve.
  4. shjf You've got a keeper !!! Don't it make you feel good haveing an acurate rifle ?"
  5. shjf

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    Paul T may have to try those different powders if I cant find any Varget,I like how varget isnt temp. sensative.

    wily1 I just ordered another box of 250 yesterday ,I'm useing 26.3 gr. of varget to get that acuracy ( I see I wrote 26 gr. meant 26.3 gr. was in zombie moad last night after a 12 hour work day:34:).Cool to see how much these rifles are alike in what they like to be fead.

    ArkansasHunter feels good not to have to worry about dinging it up.The only thing thats messed up is that Ive spent twice as much for other rifles that shoot as good as the Stevens 200.
  6. wily1

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    I like my Stevens so much I am considering getting one in a 25-06 for deer.
  7. felix cortinas

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    stevens 200

    I got me a 200 a few weeks ago for carrying in the mesquite and other brush that will tear up your gun, I was having trouble getting a good group, I listened to lots of yalls advice, I shot a couple of boxes of ammo thru it, cleaned it and Friday I got 2 three shot groups touching each other. it is now a tackdriver and I plan on getting another in .22-250 for a coyote-hog gun. the one I got now is 7mm-08. cant go wrong with a Savage (Stevens 200) for the price!!
  8. shjf

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    felix cortinas glad to hear you got the 7mm-08 shooting accuratly,I know you've been having a little accuracy proplem with it but it sounds like the barrel finally broke in and things turned around for you.
    I've also been considering 22-250, reports on the rifle have been the same as the .223 so the 22-250's going to be shooters.Looks like I'm finally going to get out for some groundhog hunting this weds. wish I had a 250 becuse the shots are going to be 250 yrds to 500 yrds.

    Wily1 did you get that 25-06 yet?
  9. wily1

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    not yet shjf I'll probably wait until I take a trip into Winnipeg later on in the summer and maybe buy it then. I got one heck of a deal on my .223 during Xmas only $232.00 Cdn, be nice if I could pick up a 25-06 at that price.
  10. Stevens 200

    IMHO the savage/stevens rifles are better than the best buy for the money. I'm an old codger who loves old cartridges. You can buy a s-200 cheaper than you can buy an action. I've done it twice; once to build a 250/3000 and once to build a 257 Roberts. I am currently in the process of building a 220 Swift on a savage/stevens action. This will be my seventh savage/stevens rifle. They ALL shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!