$20 model 99 in .358

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Hideous, May 16, 2008.

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    well $20 was well spent today.

    A 99 in 358 ..............BUT in a home made stock.
    S/N 921401

    i do like the long winchester style rear sight with fold down buckhorns.

    BUT again but .... is the sucker safe to fire without the safety?
    Looking at the lower tang slot - there is nothing there at all where you'd expect the catch where it clips onto the lever.

    >yes i am in Australia - and savages these are rare as hens teeth.
    The bits missing don't have anything odd to do with the bolt locking mech do they ??

    now for re-stocking !! Boyds good to deal with ?
  2. 99trix

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    Great catch mate! I can't remember exactly the set up on the 50's vintage, but I think that the safety is just a lever and trigger lock. Still not safe to carry but it doesn't affect the ability to shoot, just the safeness of the rifle. Should be able to get the parts from Numrich. I will double check with mine and see exactly what is missing and if I have anything in my parts bins.

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    Boyd's is good to deal with. So is this company, Richard's, but I'm not sure if they make a stock for the 99. Good Luck.

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  4. Seabeescotty

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    There's another wholesaler here, down in Arkansas, Bob's gunparts, that may carry the parts. I'll take a look for you. By the way, how about a picture of the old jewel?

    Just checked out Numrich arms, and they carry five different safeties for the mod. 99. You can check the out at www.gunparts.com. They should have what you're looking for. I'd still like to see a picture of your rifle.
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