20 rd mag det?? 1920 Garand Rifle

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    For the new guys. Here is Mr. Garand 1920 Semi-Automatic Rifle.
    What do you think about it?

    There was a lot of data about the magazine, getting into the prone position having the Magazine getting in the way of the shooter. Remember, that the BAR was used in WW1 and thus it was a combat tested weapon. My problem with the BAR or any other full auto is the amount of ammo to keep feeding it. IIRC there were 3 man teams to keep the BAR up and running. I WONDER what would happen if all the guys were issued a BAR type weapon. Half of it troops would be getting the ammo to those on the line. Mr. Garand was ahead of Ordnance because he had all ready built a semi auto in 1920 with a rifle with the 20 rd. magazine and yes Ordnance did not want that type of firearm. Yes it had problems but with the team at SA those guys could have built as the 1920 one. But it would still have taken one or two riflemen off the line to keep ammo to feeding it. This is just my .02 cent. Talking with some WW2 Vet's. Some of them used 2 BAR"S on the left of their line making it sound like a .30 Cal., Machine Gun and a 3 man team with the M1 Garand on their right. They could make the Garands sound like a couple of BAR's firing Nice Trick!!




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    Thanks again for taking the time and effort to read this data. I hope you have learned a little of the history of the M1 Garand.
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  2. Years ago, when you could get a Garand for about $125, there was a guy over in Houston who'd convert'm to use a Bar Mag. They worked but most people didn't wanna spend the money. I think it cost like $50 to change one over.

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    You are a young one. I was getting them from the CMP in the OLD DCM days. 99 bucks each.
    Thanks again
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    There is a big difference between how a Squad automatic weapon (BAR )was used and an infantryman's rifle (03 or Garand). The good thing about NOT shooting the BAR was it drew fire! Heavy, too. Good men behind Garands with BARs on the flanks could do almost anything. Then place some beltfeds on their flanks and in the midst & some light mortar support !!!! Good training pays off.
    The biggest objection was the primer-setback action of the 1920 Garand, not the capacity.