2000 Rounds of 9mm

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    Just ordered steel cased Winchester 9mm for .28 per round, but won’t ship out for another month. I know it’s ridiculous for steel but I’m actually surprised it wasn’t more and that I caught it in stock. I’m gonna be doing some training courses coming up so I’m gonna need it.
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    Ii dont use hardly any 9mm but have quite a bit of it. I saw some this week from emails I got from suppliers. Also saw 45, 44 mag, 44 special and others. Saw bricks of 22 Winchester today at Walmart. They also had quite a bit 22 magnum in 50round boxes. Was $11 a box. I have been stocked really well with both of them.
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    That's actually not a bad price.
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    50 rounds for 11 dollars?
    oh magnum,, never mind not bad really.

    I see a lot of 17hmr and 40 short on the shelves.
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    My current conundrum, since I am a re-loader, is trying to find the elusive small pistol primer. Do I open up my last 1000 small pistol primers, that are used in practical every pistol I have, or do I wait.
    Seriously, I and my family can shoot about 200 rounds of what ever...a week, so this has become an issue for me.

    I do not load for the 9mm so when I got down to 200 rounds I just put them back, as that could be gone in one day at the range.

    I have been fulfilling our families pistol plinking needs, by going revolver, and loading light practice rounds, with small rifle primers. Which must be shot in single action to go off in my revolvers, and just will not work in my semi auto's.
    Also have been shooting a bit more shotgun and rifle.

    So do I open up my primers and load up a few hundred rounds of our favorite pistol round, the .380. Or, do I wait till I can buy more primers first.
    I have some store bought self defense stuff for the .380's. But I load my own round nose practice ammo for them. To mimic the store bought ammo's trajectory, and recoil.
    A person needs to keep in practice, for what he shoots in defense. Especially if it is a smaller caliber like .380.
    As Paul Harrell says "placement is key" (as he circles his head with his finger).
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  7. runfiverun

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    your not gonna see any small primers on the shelf for another year... maybe two.
    so I'd load them and just cut down on the amount of shooting I done while cruising through the shops 1-2 days a week.

    this is what happens when the smaller independent companies get bought up by the larger corporations.
    how many CCI primers do you think guy's are shooting in their federal ammunition nowdays?

    how many primers does Hornady need?
    they don't make their own, and they gotta be buying them from someone.

    anyhow reloading supplies are an after thought to the ammo makers.
    when the ammo demand goes up the release of primers to the market goes down.

    powder works on a different scale and has other reasons for it's availability, but primers are tied directly to ammo production.
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    In the immortal words of Will Rogers: When you discover you have dug yourself into a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

    If it were ME, I would save the primers until I could replace them, unless there was a DIRE need to use them for emergency ammo. Practice can be accomplished in MANY ways.
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  9. runfiverun

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    thing is.
    primers on a shelf are just little copper cups with some chemical stuff inside them.
    there is no emergency availability in a box of primers,, only future possibilities.

    I potentially have 250-300-K rounds of ammo in my primer cabinet, and in my component storage area.
    I also potentially have another 125K 225gr cast bullets on the floor, just in the shape of rectangles and triangles.

    in reality I have +/- 100-K rounds of ammo on the shelves.
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    Very true. By themselves, primers are not very useful - just "future possibilities".
    If a person had to bug-out, they probably would not pack boxes of primers unless they had plenty of time and transport volume.
    Primers will keep very well as part of a live round - ready for immediate use.

    Shotshell primers are a bit different. You would not need to bug-out with thousands of those but a 100 pack could be useful. With a built in anvil, they can be useful for improvised munitions.
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    I wish prices would go up a little less, a little earlier, a little bit at a time, to slow down the panic and make it possible for people to get what they need most. If you have 100rd of 9mm left, it's worth it to pay a premium to get up to 500. Time to fill in the gaps, ration your practice, and let other people fill in their gaps. Better than not having the option at all.

    In my area, some shops are getting ammo shipments and some aren't. I don't think that's fair. I'd rather slow it down before it dries up, and let the shops build some safety net for when they don't have any to sell.
  12. Moroco Mole

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    I think one thing people will take from this. Its good to have options.
    Bet the 410-45 Judge owners are gloating over this.

    Just got a deal on 9mm dies. Should say a steal as I gave $15 for a barely used, lee carbide set.
    On a weeks vacation as of Sunday morning. So on the rainy days....
    Figure I will take you fellows advice:cool:
    and load myself up 500 rounds of 9 mm. Since I have those primers. After Nov.3, it may be way better, to have 1000 more rounds of ammo then 1000 primers.
    I can size my 125 grain round nose, .358 bullets down to .355ish, powder coat them and develop a load. Think I have about 500 or more that are done with the resting period. [For you none casters, after you cast a lead alloy bullet, it often grows or even sometimes shrinks. So you need to let them sit 6 weeks or so before you load them for long term storage, ammo.]

    Then I think I have 100 or so, 90 grain bullets, so finish them off for loads in .380.
    Then do the remaining in .357.
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    Especially when you reload your own .45 colt and have lots of components.
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  14. I think there are several variables as to why the ammo shortage. There is of course the obvious choices, election year, and people running scared because of the rioting, looting, covid and defund the police portion of it.

    The second part of it was due to ammo factories shutting down due to covid, and the warehouses depleting their stock. The ammo factories are trying to ramp production back up and fill the supply chain, but they can't meet the panic demand.

    I was caught flat footed right before the 1st Obozo election, and vowed to never let that happen again. 9mm was the last caliber of handgun I purchased, knowing that it's the most popular cal out there, and would be one of the hardest to find when things go sideways.

    I recently found 380 and 9mm dies, and now have dies, powder, primers, bullets and brass for every caliber that I own.

    I've diversified handguns from .380, up to 45 ACP, and don't have all my eggs in one basket. I've managed to continue stockpiling ammo for the past 12 years, and have prepared myself for a long shortage by buying ammo / components when plentiful and on sale. Everything is packed in airtight containers and labeled for safe keeping.

    The concern would be, how long will this last, and how much is enough? I'm betting things will not get better until next summer, if Trump gets reelected. If creepy joe gets the nod, it might get worse instead of better.

    Unfortunately for those in need of ammo, it's going to be rough. Demand is high and supply is low. If you can find it, you will have to pay through the nose to get it.
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