2012 the movie tonight

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  1. If you have DTV, it's on Stars CH 529. bug out from this! What would you do? 8pm CMT
  2. 338RUM

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    nothing... cause if you go by the plot only africa is saved and I sure as hell cant swim to africa...

  3. Palladin8

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    can't swim that far and I don't have an ark and not to mention I don't have a billion dollars so I think we would most likely be screwed.
  4. SHHHHH, haven't seen it yet. lol

    Another movie thread I'll have to avoid until I do.
  5. PAPA G

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    the out landish scenario's gets me on all of these sort of movies. if they made a movie about possible real life situations and the people's actions, it would probably be a yawner, and end up in the $5 movie bin at the Dollar stores. who would pay to watch a guy turning over dirt to plant a veggie garden, or how he handles the mornings when the last of his coffee stash is gone. real is not often a dynamic in film's.:yawn: