2020 Deer hunt

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    This year I drew a California tag in zone C1, Siskiyou County, right on the Oregon border. My #2 son recently moved up there and decided to get himself hitched... during deer season. So my wife and I took the trip (690 miles!) and stayed for a week. With the wedding and all I only got out a couple of times. He bought 50 acres and there are lots of deer all around. However, as normal, they were mostly all does. There was one group of 4 that appeared to be all spikes, but too young without forked antlers. Maybe next year for them, he said hopefully.

    Now for the wedding, they needed a presider when their choice backed out with COVID issues so I did the online ordination thing and did the ceremony myself. That was nice. It was an outdoor wedding with reception in the barn. Lots of fun.

    PS the beard is new as of July 1. I like it and think I'll keep it.

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    Congratulations Bob! Also Congratulations to your son and his Bride. I like the setting also. Very nice
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    Bob I have two older sons that got married in West Virginia. The younger one got married in his wife's side family owned church. It was in a valley where three mountains met and it was opening day of deer season also. They had a late evening wedding so everyone got to hunt early that day. In the middle of the ceremony two huge bucks came running down off of the one mountain and through the church parking. The one bridesmaid spotted the bucks running and yelled there's the bucks. They then stopped the ceremony so everyone could watch the bucks escape up another mountain.
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    Congratulations! Very nice setting and decorations!