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NC TAKING the initiative (each year )

Your lifetime license does not authorize bear hunting [NCGS 113-270.3 (b) (1b)]. To hunt bear in NC, you must possess a bear management e-stamp in addition to your license and big game harvest report card.

NC Harvest 2022

If you plan to hunt and do not have access to a printer, you must report all harvests immediately by either calling 1-800-I-GOT-ONE(1-800-446-8663) or go to to report online using the below Temporary Big Game Harvest Report Card/Harvest IDs:

Harvest ID # 401521310 ____ Antlered Deer

Harvest ID # 401521311 ____ Antlered Deer

Harvest ID # 401521312 ____ Antlerless Deer

Harvest ID # 401521313 ____ Antlerless Deer

Harvest ID # 401521314 ____ Antlerless Deer

Harvest ID # 401521315 ____ Antlerless Deer

Harvest ID # 401521340 ____ Wild Turkey
(Male or bearded only)

Harvest ID # 401521341 ____ Wild Turkey
(Male or bearded only)

!!! Attention Bear Hunters !!!
A Bear Management E-Stamp is needed in addition to all other licenses to hunt bear.

For more information on hunting, fishing and trapping regulations or the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, visit us online at
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