.204 ruger

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tippmann7, May 24, 2008.

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    well i was at my friends and he was shooting his savage .204 ruger and i saw him hit a chuck at 300yds and of course im standing there with my .17hmr dreaming of doing that. he told me he realy advises me to get one and iv looked at one in the past but never got around to getting it, does any one know where i can get one for $400 or under
  2. wily1

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    I don't know what the cost of new rifles is in your neck of the woods, but if I wanted a .204 under $400 I would:

    -keep my eyes open for a used one in good condition

    -Go with a single shot like a NEF and that is the only new gun I know of
    under $400 Cdn in a .204, it's under $300. So I guess with a Tasco or
    Bushnell Varmint Scope you might get away with $400.

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    I have on in CZ 527 American, it was a bit over 500 new. When you get one you are going to love it, it is an amazing round.
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    i have a 204 ruger m77 i love it . it is a exciting gun to use i dont use any of my other guns since i bought it when you shoot something it just blows up got to love it looking to do a trigger job on it
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    sell33 your from ohio so do you go to kenton or have you been there in the past in the summer? my friend goes every year and i may go with him this year...you think il find one there?