209 vs 777 trajectories

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  1. I am converting from Triple seven pellets to Blackhorn 209. and have conflicts with book values for 295 and 270 grain 50 caliber Powerbelt bullets in increments to 100 yards
    using 80 and 100 grains of 209
    The charts I have suggest that at equal MV of two Pyrodex pellets will equal 100 grains of 209 and that does not seem correct.

    2X50 grain Pyrodex pellets with a 270 grain bullet =MV 1790 from Powerbelt info
    100 grains of 209 = MV1764

    2X50 grain pellets with a 295 grain= MV 1670
    100 grain of 209 with 295 grain bullet = MV 1683

    Since the 209 folks only furnish velocities and not trajectories I am assuming that the same MV will give similar trajectories.

    what are your experiences?

    Thanks for any help
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    I agree with you. Seems that they are pretty much equal. Theres not enough difference to really notice.

  3. The last, first: the trajectory of the same bullet, fired at the same velocity, will be the same.

    Now, you say it "does not seem right" that 100 grains of Pyrodex and 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 both produce essentially identical velocities. I don't understand what doesn't seem right about that!
  4. I just thought Blackhorn loose would give higher velocities than Pyrodex.
    Thanks for your replies---It surely makes converting to Blackhorn easier
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    Altho I havn't tried 209 Blackhorn powder I assume it is a slightly slower burn rate than 777.This would account for slightly higher velocities.You switched on me and used Pyrodex instead of 777 which you mentioned to start with.In my experience the Pyrodex is a tad more accurate than the newer 777 powder which is slightly hotter/faster burning.Also the Pyrodex pellets (two 50gr) are slightly lighter (I believe in the 60,s gr) compared to 100gr of ffg loose powder which I think is 72gr by weight.This probably would make the pellets in 777 equal to 100gr of ffg loose powder in 209B.In other words the 777 is faster burn rate/higher pressure than the 209B.It sounds like that 209B might be a great powder if the price is reasonable.When you're throwing 100gr per pop,price means a lot.(unless accuracy difference is just astounding.) Almost invariably.in any powder,whether handgun,rifle,or shotgun,slower burn rate/lower pressure leads to higher fps/accuracy.(there are applications where this varies,but not many)Remember,the pellets of same powder are "NOT"as heavy or powerful as loose powder.All of the substitutes for BP are actually a form of smokeless powder and can be meisured by weight which I am doing to be more consistant.("HOWEVER",never meisure max loads for cartridge smokeless powder by volumn like you do with BP and subs. (all dispensers and dippers are by volumn,but not max loads unless they have a scale.)