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  1. chucksnee

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    Hows does everyone like theirs? I love mine just bought it yesterday....had a heck of a sale going on....I bought the 22/45 5.5 bull barrel for $239 out the door....

    Shot 200+ rounds today.....1 stove pipe, but when I got out of my truck and opened the rear door, all my ammo hit the dirt, :crying:

    My few complaints are....the magazines are a PITA to load...my fingers fell like they are raw....

    Also, the polymer frame (where the trigger mechanism and magazine goes) I can never change grips or anything like that....

    Beyond that, it feel like an extension of my hand when I point it at the target...fairly accurate straight out of the box....Cannot wait to do some trigger mods and little things like that....
  2. okami515

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    got mine to retire my mark I and am not regretting it in the least.

  3. SwedeSteve

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    Get a ThumbSaver and loading the mags is less painful. You can change out the grips, but it's a permanent mod. I have not done so, but I believe madcratebuilder has done it.
  4. Pumpkinheaver

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    I've had a 5.5" bull bbl Mark II 22/45 for 11 years and still love it. It's more accurate than I am!!!
  5. My shooting buddy has one each MK2 / MK3 RUGER target pistols but takes his "new" 22/45 to range EVERY trip now - the thing eats any ammo from junk to "match" w/o complaint and is very accurate, great fun on spinner targets. I enjoy taking a break from shooting my SA 1911A1 to play with it, has a "familiar" feel and hold, am getting one of my own shortly w/ the interchangeable grips.