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    What would be the best 22 for for plinking/hunting and is cheap and comes in big like 500 round+ bulk packs. I use feds right now and have used winchesters (thay seemed to be alot hotter loaded but some times would not go off) I'v only had one fed not fire in the many 1000s of rounds that I'v shot. I was thanking about geting some remingtens at the KS Cabela's. How good are thay?
  2. Pumpkinheaver

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    I use the bulk pack winchester x-pert ammo in my ruger 10-22, not only is it the most accurate ammo in my rifle but it's only $7-$8 for a 500 pack.
    IMHO remington makes some of the worst .22lr ammo there is.:target:

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    Pumpkinheaver, are you buying you Rem ammo at Walmart?
  4. Big Dog

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    I rarely use Remington bulk-pack anymore, it just isn't consistent. Lots of squibs and no-fires. Federal bulk-pack is only a bit better. The Winchester X-perts have wooed me back - after a long time when they didn't seem to work well.
    Best so far are the next step up from bulk pack - the 50-round boxes of Remington Thunderbolts and Federal Lightnings - much more consistent than the bulk stuff and not much more expensive. CCI minimags are very good, but much more expensive. CCI Blasers work well in the older rimfires. I also like Aguilas, though I can find them only at gunshows. I buy a brick or two of several types. Love those Super Maximums! Hottest .22LR made. (Not for frail elderly guns!)
    Found out my old Whitney Wolverine loves the Aguila SSS. That 60 grain bullet really wacks the "tin cans" and other targets. It's actually pretty accurate out of that pistol. SSS tends to tumble and keyhole out of most .22 rifles.
    PMC Zapper is also good, if you can find it. Again, I only find it at the gunshows.

  5. MarkII 22

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    Yeah ok but how good is a non HP for shooting rabbits/squirrells/coons/opossem and possibly dogs of pretty good size?
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    I don't see much difference between solids and HP's on squirrels, they're so small. HP's pack more knock down punch on bigger critters, but the solids get more penetration. I'd prefer the solids on 'coons and 'possums, since those are tough varmints. Head shoot 'em if possible. At close range, the Aguila SSS will punch deep into the thick skull of a 'possum.
    Do not use any shorts or Colibris on a 'possum! It'll just P.O. him.

    :assult: :eek:
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    Yeah the only possums I'v ever shot was with my sisters 10/22 with a fed Hp and one with a 12G 12pellet 00 Buck Shot:eek: :eek: :nod: :nod: :D ;)
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