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I am new to this forum and came looking for info on .22 cal. Mausers.

I have a couple of .22 cal. Mausers, one is a MAS MOD 45 and the other is a Mauser Werke A.G Oberndorf A.N. I need the rear sights for both of them.

The MAS has had the sight base removed, it looks like it was originally welded? So I need the base and the sight.

The Mauser has a groove on each side of the barrel where the rear sight can slide up and down the barrel for about a foot. There are markings about one inch apart and marked "1" through "9". I think elevation was changed by sliding the sight on the barrel.

My guess is that these rifles are from the 40's.

Any info on these guns would be appreciated, and I would really like to know where I could find the correct rear sights.

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