.22 conversions

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  1. Any good ones out there? Are they worth it? Can you get decent accuracy?
  2. A friend tried one and had trouble with the gas tube plugging from dirty 22lr ammo. One or two rounds of .223 cleaned it out. He could never get more than a 100 rds of 22 out before having problems.

  3. Good to know. I saw the kits advertised, and I was slightly skeptical...
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    I've heard of a lot of ppl running them with no problems. Some hitting 500 rounds even.

    He could always use the copper jacketed ones... That should help him out.

    From what I've seen, to get the best accuracy they say to use the 1:10 twist barrels (or even slower if you can find it...)
  5. I have seen conversions "uppers" in 450 Bushmaster and 50 Beowoulf they sound interesting
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    All you need is a SUB CALIBER device and a Mag fitted for 22.
    We use them in the military all of the time for INDOOR ranges and have little problems with them, providing the weapon is clean and the sub cal device (bolt and chamber reducer all in one) are free of carbon build up. Use good ammo and not the Olin crap.
    I have one at home for my AR-15 and have no problems with it all. Not too much oil and clean is the secret for positive results.