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Discussion in 'Henry' started by gosgos, Mar 7, 2013.

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    About 4 years ago I bought a new Henry pump 22 Mag and it had a misfire problem which they tried to repair without success. They agreed to replace the rifle so I elected to take the lever action octagonal barrel 22 Mag. I doubt I have fired the rifle 100 times and it looks brand new EXCEPT for the receiver. I didn't look at the rifles in a store before buying them so I did not realize the receiver is not blued. It has some sort of thin coating which I think you can scratch with a toothpick. It has several scratches to the bare metal and I think looks terrible. I complained to them about it and they said they did not "advertise" that the receiver is blued. DO NOT believe all the BS they put out on the TV show about the quality of their rifles at least not the ones that appear to have blued receivers. The gun shoots well and I know this does not effect the function but I like my guns to look good and that will not be possible with any use of this gun.
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    Wow that's a shame, my buddy has a lever action Henry .22 mag that he loves. It's a nice rifle, maybe you got a lemon
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    The Henry non-brass receivers are not blued. They are coated.

    It is still a great shooting, inexpensive .22 Lever gun.
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    The rifle is half the price at most of other brands. If the only problem is a cosmetic one, I would not be too angry. I have the 22lr version, and it is a fine little rifle for what it is.
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    That sucks. I love my henry 22 and I wouldn't sell it.

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    If you have a problem with a Henry contact them.

    I had bought a Goldenboy from Cabelas and didn't notice the scratch in the receiver untill I got home.

    Contacted them asking if I could buy a new receiver...Anthony Imperato contacted me himself and sent me a new receiver free of charge.
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    I've been thinking about one of these,and shopping them I noticed that they aren't blued and have some plastic parts on the .22s. May have to spring for the octagon barrel lever.
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    I didn't like the idea of a painted receiver either so I bought the Henry Golden Boy.

    I've seen where guys will strip the paint off the receiver of the H001 and H001-T and then polish the receiver and barrel band to make a beautiful rifle. It's a great look.

    It will look like an Evil Roy without the name on the stock.
  9. Big Dog

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    Traded my H001 to a buddy a couple years back and have regretted it. Got my Golden Boy now, and love it!
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    A firearm is simply the sum of it's parts and when you use mass produced parts one can always find duds. What matters is how the company responds to fixing the problem. I have had new firearms malfunction or break parts and sent them back to be repaired with no further issues. It can happen. As to Henry in general. I know they are popular and for the most part seem to shoot well from what I've seen. For myself I would prefer the Marlin 39 over a Henry because I like the solid receivers of the Marlin levers as well as the general feel of them. If one buys an "economical" rifle and one "expects" it to be like a higher priced firearm - then the issue is not necessarily with the gun as much as the "expectation". Cheap guns are cheap for a reason - that reason being they use cheaper parts. o_O
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    Both my Henrys outshoot my Marlin 39A. The Henry is just as good a rifle in general, and the H001 is a good deal handier, being shorter and lighter. The Golden By is closer to the 39A in size and heft, and has a more classic 'look'. I won't be selling my Marlin any time soon, but neither will I sell the Golden Boy. I consider them equals.
    And if you price the Henrys lately, they aren't 'cheap' rifles by any means.
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    Wow, that's encouraging because the Marlin has a reputation of accuracy and ruggedness. I hope to come up with a nice 39M one of these days to go with my Winchester 9422 and Henry Golden Boy. There will also be a Henry Silver Boy and maybe a Browning too.

    Love lever-action .22's.
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    Levers are not "cheap" in as much as they cost more than many rimfire bolts and semi's. The basic Henry .22lr can be had for under $300 and go up from there while the Marlin 39's that I've seen of late run around $550-$600. As such one could say they are "cheap-er" than the Marlins. o_O