.22 Magnum for squirrel hunting

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    I am wondering if Its possible to use a .22 magnum for squirrel and rabbit hunting without destroying the meat. Will a .22 mag Jsp or fmj do about the same damage as a .22 long rifle hp? The only reason I ask is because I have a Marlin 925M that I really love and I would like to use it for squirrel and rabbit hunting. Thanks
  2. Keep it a head shot ONLY...otherwise you're not going to have much left. .22 mag will do a lot more damage than a .22lr. If you shot a squirrel in the body with a .22lr its not a big deal, but if you shot a squirrel in the body with a .22 mag, it is a big deal.

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    as long as you take only head shots you will have something left to eat. my Marlin bolt gun has no problem with doing that, I'm sure yours is just as accurate.
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    Will .22 mag FMJs do less damage? CCI has one its 40 grn FMJ or JSP at 1875 fps would that work or would it still do similar damage as a JHP?
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    any .22 mag load that I have seen is too explosive for a body shot on a squirrel or rabbit. most of the solid bullets mushroom as big as the hollow points.
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    Using a .22 Magnum on squirrel and rabbit will quickly teach you the importance of marksmanship.:tounge-in-cheek:
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    Any ammo on head shots only should be fine.
  8. Correction, its a big HOLE :p
  9. When I miss and hit the chest, I don't even try to salvage the meat... I chalk that one up and let my dog eat it. He LOVES 'em and its cheap dog food.
  10. I shot a wabbit in the head that might of been 50 or so yards away from me one time with a hollow point.

    When I went to retrive the rabbit the entrance hole was faceing up. When I picked up the rabbit GAG !!!!! The exit side of it's head was miss'in, except for it's eyeball dangling, there was nothing left. I don't like look'in at brains and danglin eye balls !!!!... I went home...
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  11. Reminds me of when I was about 15 I went with a guy fromt he church we went to to go hunting Rabbits (snowshoe hare) and he had me use his 20 guage ( Even though Im a pretty good shot even then with my 22 he didnt trust me to use it :( kinda made me mad) I was going after a rabbit and it ran into a hole and i couldnt get to it, as I started to turn around there was a rabbit about 10 feet away so i one handed leaned around pointed the 20 guag at its head and shot......it split the head wide open! That little Snowshoe hare looked more like a floppy ear rabbit when i put it next to the others lol.
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    I found out early that the .22 Magnum does not make a real good squirrel gun, unless, as others have said, you avoid body hits.

    At around 2000fps, hydrostatic shock does start coming into play, and the .22 Mag does 2200fps, IIRC.

    The flat points will minimize damage, but if hit in the body, you'll still have a pressure wave to deal with, not to mention all sorts of secondary projectiles - bone etc.