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    Ok I'v tryed .22 rifle silhouette now I'd like to try .22 pistol Silhouette. Anybody out there do this? What is a good cheep pistol to use. Does a revolver work or do you use a semiauto? What about sights? Thanks.
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    I belive they now group the autos with the single shots and revolvers. They used to be all separate classes back in the old days. The Ruger slabside or the Browning Buckmark are both a good gun to get started with. Probably the best for the money is if you can find a new or used TC Contender with a 10" 22 barrel. You could shoot many classes with it including standing, production and unlimited. Then you could switch barrels and shoot the big bore classes if you desired. The 22's are really a blast, they are tougher than the big bore targets especially if you're range is in an area where the wind blows.

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    Hunter Pistol

    Ok, I'v been shooting Hunter Pistol .22lr Silhouette for a couple of months now and I love it. My locale range has a non NRA match once a month. I have been shooting a Ruger Single Six .22lr. I tryed it with open sights the first time and only hit 10 out of 40. then I tryed a red dot and hit the same. Now I have a 4x32 rifle scope on the SS and after learning how to hold it I shot a 12 last time. I would have done better but I mist all the rams. I didn't have time to sight it in on the rams. We only get a 1/2 hour to sight in. I sighted in on the first 3 targets and then time was up so when I got to the rams I had no idea where I was hitting. After the match they let us knock down the rest of the targets so I had time to get the rams sighted in. Well next month I should get some of the rams and a better score. This is so much fun everybody should try it.
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    6 string

    i just bought a walther p22 and i must say it is fun and cheap to shoot i think youll be real happy with this pistol.i walked out the door with a 3.4inch barrel wich comes on the gun a 5 inch barrel 4 target shooting 2 mags and a extra hand grip for 400$$ im happy go check one out..good luck
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    .22 Pistol Silhouette shooters

    Our club has both rim and center fire silhouette shooters. Allot of T/C pistols of all calibers are in use plus some exotic brands. The scopes are rifle & pistol of all sizes and powers. The top CF shooter uses iron sights. I have a contender with a rifle 4-12AO scope. Should have a 4-16. My 2.5-8 Pistol scope is no good over 5x and is too hard to center. My point is it is wide open, except for barrel length, but allot of fun for both young and old.