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    I am researching .22 pistols. So far I have handled the Browning Buckmark, Several Rugers (including the Competition model), and a S&W 22a. Does anyone out there have any experience with the Trailside or the new Beretta .22 (I think it is called the Neo). Also what type of accuracy can I expect from any of the above weapons right out of the box. Thanks
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    There are many decent .22 revolvers out there. Don't forget to look at them. For semiautos, I like the bull barreled rugers.

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    I really like the Ruger Mark II Competition model and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an accurate and reliable pistol. As for accuracy, I have one each of the Ruger Mark II Competition model, Browning Buckmark, and S&W 22A. The Ruger is certainly tops in the accuracy department. I only had a few jams with the pistol when it was brand new but after 100-200rds it has performed flawlessly. For accuracy it is great, it will easily shoot 1" and better groups at 50yds with several types of ammo when shot from a steady rest and using a scope. Actually, it shoots better than most out-of-the-box semi auto rifles. I'm not really sure that the Competition model is any better than the other heavy barrel Mark IIs that I've had, but for the few extra dollars it costs to get the Competition model, you get nice thumbrest grips and a base and rings to mount a scope. The Buckmark also shoots good, 1.25-1.5" groups at 50yds, but it just can't compete with the Ruger. As for reliability, the Buckmark is just about as good as the Ruger, but it does get a little finicky about feeding when it gets really dirty while the Ruger just keeps on going. The S&W 22A is a pretty good shooter, around 1.5-1.7" at 50yds, but it is the worst of the three in the accuracy department. It is also the worst in reliability, it simply don't want to function when dirty. Also, if it saw as much use as my Ruger, I figure it would have been worn out by now, as it simply doesn't feel very well made IMO. Of course I'm speculating on that one, but that's the way I feel about it. When I decide to trade or sell one of the three pistols for something else, the S&W will be the first to go.

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    you can't go wrong with a Ruger...especially that Competition Target slabside Mark 2. I like the Single Six & Bearcat revolvers also, but then who doesn't ?
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    Beretta Neo U-22

    I saw the review in the American Rifleman, but I have never seen one for sale anywhere. I even looked on the internet gun auction sites, etc. I think that they have not been released to retailers yet.

    They certainly look like one heck of a pistol for @$200 NIB.

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    Yeah, cool huh? I'm waiting for that carbine model of it...SWEET!
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    I'm pleased with my Browning micro Buckmark & my Dad has a couple of Ruger MkII's which I shoot a lot, all are about equal except the Browning breaks down easier for cleaning & I like the mag release in the 1911 position. You can get the Ruger SP101 in .22lr; I've been meaning to get one for years ($360 is a lot for a .22 revolver though) for my girls to shoot & it would make a great transition to the .357 model.
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    I like the Rugers myself. I've also shot the Buckmark & they seem like nice pistols too. I have 2 shooting buddies that own Hi-Stadards. VEry accurate, but both of them had problems w/ rear sights falling off. I've recently been able to fondle the Neo & the Walther P22. Both seem nice but felt too toy-like (IMHO).
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    I use to have a ruger 22/45 but sold it and bought a Buckmark camper model. It fit my hand better and was easier to clean and operate. A little more reliable to boot. I was happy with my decision anyway.
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    I give the Ruger the nod for accuracy, but I like the Buckmarks better ergonomics and easier re-assembly. The Ruger comes apart easy, but can be a real bi$chkitty to get back together!
    Revolver-wise, the old S&W 17 and 617 rule! Ruger's Single-six is very nice, too.
  12. Jambo

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    colt single action frontier scout .22 magnum

    loud as hell but, i like it. good reliable sidearm and fairly accurate, too!
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    22 neos are out but gun shops get them by consinment from there dealers so it takes alot of looking

    Edited FYI would recomend trailside to everyone who asked just bought one and from what I can see so far it is a very good firearm. if it as good as it appears to be I may just replace My ruger slabside compation & smith 22A with the trailside. it Just don't eject federal gold medal target ammunition very well. do to the fact that the rim on it is thicher than most other rimfire ammo
    but other than that it seems to be the best I've shot to this point.
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    well if you get a chance try a smith wesson k-22 on38 frame with a 6in. barrel.i have my fathers.couldnt tell how many times it has been shot(a bunch) and it will still out shot most rifles.we have had it for as long as i can remember.never had any problems at all.very dependable would be a very good choice for anyone looking for a 22 revoler that you can use for anything.
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    Welcome to G&G, Papaw! Yep, those old Smiths are great.

    One .22 pistol I'm eagerly awaiting is the new repro of the Whitney Wolverine that Olympic Arms is developing. I have an original Whitney, but it's a collector item, so I don't dare alter it - but it really needs better sights. The repro will give me the superb feel of the Whitney but I can modify it too. I just hope it's trigger is as wonderful as the original! These pistols are the most comfortable pistols I've ever held. Large for a twentytwo, but super light due to the Alcoa aluminum frame. It outshoots my Buckmark, even with it's chintzy sights! :cool:
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    i was awaiting for for it, their website said they would be available in the fall of 2004, but still not on their products page, and no mention of MSRP. don't think i'll get one though; they are being built on a polymer frame and i do not like plastic frames.
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    I have a Trailside Target, Ruger MK2 slabside, and a P22. I had a standard MK2 previously. The only one I'd wouldn't buy if I had it to do over is the P22. If I could only have one, it would be the cheapest MK2 I could find with adjustable sights. I'm pleased with the way the Trailside shoots, but the magazines are expensive and seem cheaply made. I may sell the P22 and get a Single Six 22.
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