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.22 SAVAGE Model 25

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Hi there,
I hope someone can help me find out about a gun I was given. It sat in my grandmother's closet for years & she just got tired of having it there..anyhow
I was told it is a .22 Savage Model 25 Repeating Rifle. I have scoured the internet to find out more information, evene the Savage Arms website.
Any ideas about where to look to research & find out if I can even shoot this gun?
Any info greatly appreciated!
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I have a book called Modern Gun Values. Unfortunately I left it it work a few days ago. I will look tomorrow and give you the details on it. It's pretty good about have all guns listed that are post 1900.
Lynda, check you private messages when you get a chance. I reolied to the one you sent me....
I apologize for the delay....So far I have found nothing in my Book Of Modern Gun Values listed as a Savage Model 25...can you describe it further for us?
You didn't mention what type action this rifle has, but I looked in 23rd addition of the Blue Book of Gun Values and found a model 25 Savage. It's described as: Model 25 Slide Action - .22 S, L, LR xa.., 24 in. octagon barrel, open sight, takedown, hammerless, tube mag., plaoin pistol grip stock. Mfg 1925 - 1929. The value is listed at $275 for 100%, $235 for 98%, $200 for 95%, $150 for 90%, $125 for 80%, $75 for 70%, and $65 for 60%. Doesn't go into any other detail. Hope this helps.
Hi there Jaybo,
Thank you so much for your reply. I think that it is a "slide action " repeating rifle.
I guess I should get my hands on a book such as yours to furthure investigate.
I can pretty much tell that the condition is NOT 100% , as a matter of fact I think it was reconditioned.
Either way, I'm hoping that I can at least have some fun with it at the target range.
Thanks again!
I found it also...overlooked it yesterday....Looks like on the the Rossi Pump Models...Fun as heck to shoot. Good info Jaybo, I have the exact same specs in my book.
Thanks Jaybo & Oeastrix,
You guys are SOOOOO fast with your replies..I've been trying to figure out how to get the reply to the right person!
As this rifle looks like it has been recondintioned & does not look ( to my very novice eye) anywhere close to 100%..more like maybe 50% or less.
I guess this will be something fun to take to a rifle range, learn how it works.
Then I can try to "bag my limit on 'them thar' paper targets- I here they make a great stew!"
Maybe I should get me hands on a guide the one you guys use..Any Suggestions?
P.S. Oneastrix, you are correct- I AM an native of the "Lone Star" State!
Savage Model 25

Was discontinued in 1929
I followed your link and the site is now down. I'm buying one tonight. Do you know anywhere else to get this manual?

Thanks so much
Lynda; I would suggest only shooting standard velocity in it, there are some problems that might happen with high velocity. I have only found 2 variations in this model, early guns had a forearm with a screw on each side and late guns had two screws on the right side only. Here's some more info - Old Savage Pump 22 - Forums Would appreciate seeing pictures just in case it has some variation I haven't came across yet.
I've got a 25, they were harder to find due to them being offered and then discontinued very shortly after introduction to bring in the model 29's.

Here's a pic of my 25 (top) and my 29 below it.

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