22 survival guns

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tommy, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. tommy

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    it is an ar something you can take it down and store it in the but of the gun .are they accurate? are they any good i was thinkin of buying one just to have it to shoot.any feed back would be apprciated.
  2. 6string

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    It's an AR7 made by Henry Repeating Rifles. Not accurate at all. The stock is huge, wide so the reciver and barrel can fit in it. The Marlin 70PSS is a much better servival rifle and it feels like a real rifle. Check it out at Marlins web page.

  3. squirrelsniper

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    I have to agree with 6string, the.....

    Marlin 70PSS is a better rifle. The only downside is that the Marlin isn't self-contained, but it does have a neat little carrying case. I can't say that either the Marlin 70PSS or the Henry AR-7 are truly accurate, but the Marlin is plenty good enough for plinking tin cans while the AR-7 is good for throwing rounds in the general direction of tin cans.:D
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    you might enjoy brousing around on the milesfortis board. Survival type arms are quite popular there and there is even a message board for those who like the Savage 24 combo gun.- they get off onto other survival related equipment there too. http://www.milesfortis.com
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    How about the old USAF survival gun that was .22 and .410 cal over/under. I think Springfield Armory still makes them. They are all steel - phosphate coated I believe....
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    Its the M6 Survival gun and I believe A.K. Church has the most complete coverage of it anywherehttp://www.milesfortis.com/church/akc13.htm[​IMG]