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    Going to local gun show this weekend and may look for a 22 semi for target shooting. With cost of ammo, 22 seems to be the way to go cheap. Any suggestions at around $200 ( seems to be fair considering this as a sometime hobby).

  2. You are not going to find anything new in your price range. A used Buckmark or Ruger MAY hit your price range. I bought both for under $200 each.
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    if ypu add about 50 buks youcould get a new ruger mk II or III
  4. s rosenthal

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    Thanks y'all for responses. Goin on Sat 5/30 to Gun Show in Charleson, SC and have your recommendations.
  5. Look for a S&W Mod 41

  6. ash

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    S&W 22a may also be in your price range.
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    For target, Ruger MK3 is tough to beat.

    It does have occasional failures to feed, though.

    If you're looking for a "camp gun" which always needs to fire look toward the ruger singles, or the SW 3" 317 w/hi viz kit gun.
  8. A Ruger Mark II or III, a Buckmark or a Beretta .22 Neos.
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    Don't rule out the old Ruger Mark I, either. I spent $230 for one in good shape with 3 magazines. Used doesn't always mean worn out or a dud. Just examine any potential purchase carefully. Be sure to bring a bore light or a penlight or a mini-maglite or something like that so you can check the bore.

    The Mark I has ergonomics virtually identical to the P-08 Luger, the pistol that set the standard for natural pointing. Its only flaw as i see it is the European heel-type magazine release. To someone used to the button release of the M1911A1, that's a nuisance. But then, you're looking for a target pistol to learn on & plink with, not something to enter action gun shoots with. Any of the guns mentioned so far will do right by you.
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