22 years ago...on this fateful day....

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    22 years ago on this fateful day, William Stanley(not a tool) Day III was unleashed upon this world in a fiery blaze of blood and weird stuff. All those who gazed upon him were in awe...for he was born in scalemail armor and clad with a sword. That however in this day and age was unrealistic for there are guns and kevlar now. So he was quickly handed a BB gun at the age of 6 and forever honed his marksmanship skills. Skip a few years ahead and at the tender age of 14 he took his first deer at 250yds with a friend's .257Roberts rifle. The buck he too was a 4x4 with about the most uniform rack you can imagine. Every year since he harvested game, until 2007 when he harvested his most recent game animal. A stunning 5x5 whitetail it was, at 325yds he sniper-shotted that son-gun. Wow...a bit long winded are we? Aaargh but it be not over yet, ye scurvy dog. At 19 years of age our poor subject was hit with Mosinitis, but don't get a tear in ye eye yet or ye be walkin da plank!! He tricked a 1934 Izzy 91/30 into his coffers, shortly thereafter he looted a 1957 Norinco SKS, and after that he pillaged a 1945 Izzy M38 from that left handed guy... That was the last of his Mosin purchases, however he went on an adventure and came back with a Taurus PT1911 .45auto hand cannon!!! After some gold problems he had to get rid of his beloved hand cannon and bartered with that GaryKW for his CZ52 Czech Manslayer and some munitions. He be havin some lady problems of late...until this beautiful woman they call Kaci came into this scurvy dog's life and made it all better...I mean she be makin his day pretty freakin awesome.

    Yaaarghhh I be da birthday boy, all ye shall bow at my machismo!!:hail::hail:

    Ok enough of that, the be 2-2 today, pretty stoked, Kaci is makin me dinner tonight. Pretty happy about that :). Hopefully by the end of the year I will have a new set of tires on my truck and a CZ82 in my possession.
  2. stinkybriches

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    happy birthday man. i'll tilt one back today in your honor.

  3. PAPA G

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    Happy Birthday big boy!!!!!!!!!! :spank:22 wacks for you today
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    Happy Birthday....:fest06:.....:fest30:
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    happy birthday brother!
  6. Alan Duke

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    Happy Birthday Bud. Wishing you many more.
  7. Archetype_wyo

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    You guys like my epic story?
  8. SwedeSteve

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    Not so much, LOL !! Have a wonderful day, and may good things come your way !!
  9. Archetype_wyo

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    Steve...you're just jealous of my story telling skillz.
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    22? I was 22 once, in the last millennium, Happy birthday and many more.
  11. M14man

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    Happy Birthday Archetype!
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    Afton NY
    Have fun tonight, and happy birthday!
  13. Archetype_wyo

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    Yeah tonight should be a blast, Kaci cookin me dinner and all!!
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    Happy birthday. Your story had me confused at first. A+ for being original on letting us know it is your birthday.
  15. Archetype_wyo

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    Had to do something...outside the holster..
  16. Tell yer mama I'm sorry, would you?
  17. Archetype_wyo

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    Not to be a turd...but you can tell her. I'd rather have someone I don't know talk to my mother than her hear my voice again...lol.
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    Happy Birthday !