222 Rem to 22-250 ??

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  1. How difficult is it to open a 222 Rem bolt face to accept a 22-250? The difference in heads is 0.1 inches.

    I have a Remington 700BDL in 222 Rem, which I shoot very little. I've never reloaded for, nor played with, a 22-250. ER Shaw can build a 22-250 bbl with a 1:9 twist, which should stabilize bullets up to (and maybe exceeding) 70 grains. So, I am wondering about re-barreling it to the stronger cartridge.

    Alternatively, I could sell the triple deuce and buy a 22-250, but I'd still have to rebarrel it to get a faster twist.

    Any thoughts?
  2. That or sell the 222 and order the 22-250 from ER Shaw with the 1 in 9 twist using the money from the 222 as a down payment.....E.R. Shaw Mark VII

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    Sell it and get what you want.
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    There is a market for 222 rifles as they are scarcer than other calibers so check out gun broker and see what they get for one and sell it and get what you want.