222Rem in Contender?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by nashcat, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. nashcat

    nashcat Guest

    I'm waiting for my 3 x 12 Burris scope to come in for my new Super 14 barrel in .222 Rem and was wondering if anyone else shoots this round in the Contender and do you have a good proven load for this round? I have several load books, but I'm looking for someone with some experience with the 222. My rifle likes 4198, but I'm thinking about win748 in the contender with 52 gr Sierra's.

    I also shoot 35Rem and 7-30 in this pistol. Any suggestions as to which round would be best for coyotes? I'm losing my job at the end of April, and plan to get in some yote hunting before I go job hunting.

  2. Roy McMillan

    Roy McMillan Guest

    I can't help ya with re-loads, but I bust a lot of yotes with just plain ol Rem 50 gr pointed soft point factory loads,lota chucks also. My brl is an old 10 incher w/ a 4 pw redfield.