223, 303, 308, 7.62x54R Powders?

Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by Martin Rage, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Martin Rage

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    I was looking through load data for these 223, 303, 308, 7.62x54R, 7.7 jap and I noticed Vargent and H4895 are usable for all of the bullets I will be using for these. Anyone have any experience with using ether of these 2 powders for these? I guess the only big difference is between the 223 and the other rounds. I plan on using Sierra 150 Spitzer .311 bullets for the rest (Not for the 308, probably use sierra's .308 150gr for that)
  2. M14man

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    There are several powders that can be used for all of them BLC2, IMR3031, IMR4895,IMR 4064...these are just a few of them...I personally haven't used the powders you mentioned. I use BLC2 in the 223, and the others in the other calibers you listed. I don't mind using a different powder here or there since I reload for 15 rifle cartridges.

  3. I use H4895 in my .243, 303, and 7.62x54R. The 7.62x54r and the .303 are both shooting 150 gr bullets and the .243 is shooting a 62 gr bullet. I find that it works well.
  4. I use Varget in my M38 pushing 150gr PRVI SP's. Give 3\4 to 1 1\4 at 100 yards with open sights, so I'm not complaining. As for the other calibers listed they all like different powders than you mentioned.
  5. Mooseman684

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    I use IMR4895/H4895 for my larger calibers like 243, 308, 30/06,7.62 X 54R and 300 win Mag. I use BLC2 for .223 as it is cleaner burning in an AR-15.
  6. I use Varget for my .223 (75, 77 & 80gn bullets) and my .308 (155, 168 & 175gn bullets) Works very well for me. I used to use IMR 4895 but I believe the Varget is better.
  7. samuel

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    There are so many powders that work I just close my eyes,grab a can and that is the powder of the day.Actually different powders react to different bullets in different ways.But for just average,normal plinking or hunting I go for IMR/H4895 for standard loads on larger cases and IMR3031 for hot loads.The smaller cases I stay with spherical powders like BLc2 or my favorite AA 2230.
  8. gandog56

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    I've used H4895 for all of them except the .308. I also used it in 8mm and 8X56R. I like having one powder good for almost all my rifles.
  9. Martin Rage

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    Thanks for all the good information. I think I will go with the H4895. Like the idea of having less powders to take up room.
  10. WyrTwister

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    I use surplus 4895 for .30 caliber . AA # 2200 for .223 .

    God bless
  11. billy

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    i am a varget man myself.
  12. SwedeSteve

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    ^ And here I thought you preferred Roi Tans !! I use lots and lots of 4895. 3031 as well.
  13. waterdog

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    Varget here also.
  14. samuel

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    Varget is a good all-around powder,so is IMR/H4895,So is H380 if you care to go spherical.