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    Can anyone recommed some good loads using 52-55 gr.
    I am trying to find the best load for my CZ 527 .223. I can get 1/2" groups using Black Hills 52 gr. HP. So I am not sure I can better this but it sure will be fun trying.
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    HI I use winchester 748 and it shoots great can get a 1/2 inch group at 100 yrds and a 1 inch group at 200 yrds don't go to the max load I found that it makes the load tend to fly once in a while so I use about 24 gr more consistant groups. I have also use 4198 and have about the same results. Hope this helped some. Shoot safe

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    I'll tell you what NOT to use. On www.egpworld.com
    (exploding groundhog) he said to use 1680, very fast..only thing is..blows about a 2 foot flame out the muzzle. That cant be good. I went back to 25 grs, of 2230 for 55's. I was trying for faster, better, more.. etc. I have decided that I will be better of going for consistency. I tried those little 40 gr. hornady's. Yeouch, supposed to be faster, but I had to move the target up to 25 yds to see where they were hitting. 4 inches low at 25 yds. with 3489 mv. compared to 55 grs at 3200 fps. I dont get it. They just dont work in a mini-14, unless somebody knows something that I dont.
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    I wonder if you are vaporizing the bullet at that velocity -- I have seen it happen with really hot loads in the past
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    Accurate 2015 and BLc2 are my two favorite powders for the .223.
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    My Mini-14 is pathetic , no matter what I shoot in it . :-(

    God Bless
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    Load for Mini-14

    Mr. WyrTwister - Sir,
    I recently acquired an old Ruger Mini-14, which according to Ruger per the serial number came off the assembly line in October 1981 and has a 1 – 10 twist.

    I have been loading for the 7mm-08, .243, .280 Rem, .45 Colt, .45 ACP, .38/.357 and 9mm for over 25 years. Recently built some loads for the mini and I was blessed. I took the Speer 50 grain Spitzer Soft Point # 1029, and pushed it with 28.5 grains of Hodgdon
    H-380. It was fired up with Winchester Small Rifle Primers (WSR).

    22 cal. Spitzer SP

    Part Number
    Weight Grain
    Weight Gram
    22 cal.

    Bullet Coefficient
    Sectional Density
    Diameter Inches
    Diameter mm
    Box Count

    The initial sight in was on 20 Sept. 07 at 35 yards off the bags. I have a rather large scope mounted on this thing (looks a little weird) a TASCO 6 X 24 with a 40mm aperture to help my old tired eyes. It was around 78 – 80 degrees with no wind and the little mini put four (4) rounds into a nice little group, which measured .139. And yes, I was just as shocked as you probably are right now. If you do not deduct the .224 diameter of the bullet, the group is still .463. You could have knocked me down with a feather. My son-in-law told me if he had not been with me he would not have believed it himself.

    I pastor a small church and I am a special education teacher in Texas and so I do not have much free time or money and I did not think to push it through the chrony. I will need to get another box of these bullets and roll some more loads, put up the chrony and get back to you with the numbers. My son-in-law is shooting a Savage Model 10 in .223 and the same powder/primer load other than using the Hornady 55 grain SPSX, and at 50 yards (initial sight in off the bags) he settled into a 10 shot group that measured .243. I also have a single shot NEF in .223 and it is giving me excellent very small groups with both of these loads. They seem to like the Hodgdon H-380 and his Savage and my NEF are both 1 – 12 twist.

    Let me finish by saying the Over All Length of the 50 grain Speer was 1.933 according to my Stoney Point Over All Length Gauge/Comparator. This OAL was measured at the Ogive. The actual OAL of the cartridge was 2.194. I deburred the primer flash hole and uniformed the primer pocket. This was in Winchester brass. I was very careful not to heat up that skinny barrel.

    Sorry if I talked too much, hopefully this information will help you develop a better load for your mini. I have not put it on paper at 100 yards, but we did fill some coke cans with water and if I do my part, it sure is hard of those cans. I would not be afraid to take a 200-yard shot at an old song-dog on a calm day with a rest. Good luck - Justin
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    My Mini-14 is a newer model in Stainless Steel .

    Do not have a scope on it .

    Can not remember what load I last tried in it , been years since I shot it .

    Best I can remember , 4" at 100 yards was the best I could get . That may have been 6" ??????????????

    Anyway , that was no better than my Chi-Com SKS or semi-auto AK clone -> MAC-90 . :-(

    Have never tried H-380 . I used to buy / use AA 2200 for .223 , it was cheap .

    Glad your Mini-14 is shooting good for you . They have a reputation for mediocre accuracy .

    I have always recommended an AR-15 for better caaury , but they used to be twice the price .

    God bless

    I have an AR-15 with a 24" Stainless Steel bull barrel . On a good day , with good ammo , it will shoot a 5 shot hroup at 100 yards that you can cover with a quarter . On a very good day , with very good ammo , you can cover it with a dime .

    6 x 20 power scope .

    Another AR-15 in full military A2 configuration ( standard peep sights ) easily does 2" with military ammo .

    God bless
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    I also shoot a cz527 american.

    My load is 20.5 grains of Benchmark 1 power behinds a hornady 55gn psp in a necksized case. BM1 is an aussie powder by ADI (Australian defence industries). Blow up my avatar and look at the 150m group(0.35 moa if you frop the flyer)