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  1. The 20 round magazine that I bought when I got my SAR3 has no manufacturer on it. I'm unsure what to look for when getting another. Will .223 magazines for other AK variants work in my SAR3?
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    Yep, they will. You can also modify the 5.45x39 mags to work properly. All it takes is a change of the follower, and you have cheaper mags that work just as good. I can't recall who makes the followers, but I will look for the info.

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    Thanks!!!!! I shoulda known if anyone would come through you would. Once again...thamks....yepper.
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    The SAR-3 was designed specifically to use the German "Wenger" magazines available thru Inter Ordnance. These work 100% flawlessly. The poly Bulgarian mags usually need some fitting and tinkering to work 100% but are nice and rust proof. The Norinco mags will need fitting to work. The 5.45 mags will work 98% of the time once opened up. I rarely get a jam with my converted mags but it does ocassionally happen. On the SAR-3, check that the hammer hit squarely on the bolt's back end and check the firing pin protrusion as many are short which causes miss fires. Ohhh, and check headspace...these are usually way too tight. For a fix (chrome chamber can not be reamed), lap the locking lugs in. This will even out the firing pressure and get your headspace where it needs to be. Have fun and keep it pointed down range.
  5. Thanks Tony

    but I'm not sure what you mean when you say to lap the locking lugs in.
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    I would guess it is something like lapping a valve, with rubbing and polishing compound applied to the back of the bolt lugs.
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    Lapping the locking lugs is kind of like lapping a valve. It is a way of mating the surfaces and getting 100% lug to receiver (or trunion) contact. This is common practice in building a custom precision rifle but can be applied here.
  8. Tony...gotcha. Now I understand. I also ordered a four mag kit from Inter Ordnance today. Pretty decent price, I must admit. Only thing I don't care for is their three day inspection return policy. I'll have to go right out and burn some ammo and try them out immediately after getting them is all (Gawd help ya if you can't make it out to fire in three days). Will keep ya posted......thanks for the tips ........yepper
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    Good info from Tony.

    The Bakelite mags that came with your SAR-3 will work perfectly if you put .223 Robinson Arms followers in them. This also reduces the number of foreign parts in your gun by one.

    Weigers absolutely are the best for the SAR-3.

    Some folks can get the Bulgarian .223 polys to work dependably in their SAR-3 with a bit of modification but some - including me - can't. The coolest looking mag for the SAR-3, though, so that's the one in my gun for storage/display.

    I've read that the way to fix short headspace on a SAR-3 is to use Prussian Blue (layout ink for metalworkers) or a Marks-a-Lot (or any other felt-tip permanent ink pen) to cover the locking lugs, cycle bolt, stone high points on mating surface of lugs which now will show up by the Prussian Blue or the ink wearing off, and repeating this 5,736 or so times until the bolt will close on a .223 GO headspace gauge.

    I've also read that SAR-3's don't really have short headspace, they're just made to European specs intead of American ones.

    And if your hammer doesn't strike the back of the bolt squarely, don't use your gun until you get it fixed (not difficult, a couple of options for doing so) - over time it'll destroy your bolt & replacement SAR-3 bolts don't exist.