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MY handi 223 groups like a shotgun at 100yrds. The twist rate of NEF Handi's is 1:12 twist my understanding is that nothing over 55 grains will work well in them....tried 40, and 45 grain Vmax and 55 FMJ ball.... With Winchester Factory ammo the gun does ok 3-4 inch groups at 100 yrds....but with my reloads im all over at 100 yrds....3-4inch at 50yards...but move to 100 and I cant hit the berm behind the target on a bet. I noticed my crimp is not overly tight....thinking that could be part of the problem....this batch of reloads is part of my very first attempts at reloading Im sure there are some less that perfect rounds.

I just ordered some Hornady Bullets 22 Caliber (224 Diameter) 55 Grain Super Explosive Spire Point from midway tonight...gona give it 1 last try before it gets sent to the gun safe for a long rest....Anyone care to recomend a good powder for the 223????
Im planing on IMR 4198 only because I have it on hand...but I dont thinks its the "best" any recomendations is appricveated. Also any tricks you know of to improve 223 loads?
Anyone load for a handi Rifle???

Thanks all
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