223 silver bear ammo

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  1. Hello to all...Has anyone tried much of the silver bear ammo in 223. I had a chance to get some at low cost last weekend and have not had the chance to try it. If it works better than wolf I will stockpile some.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. My AR does not like it at all. I ordered the extractor upgrade kit from Bravo Company which will solve the problem. It is great for an AK chambered in .223, but not all ARs like it. If you have an AR that does not shoot every round of it 100% the extractor upgrade kit will fix it.

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    That stuff and the wolf classic is the only steel cased ammo my ar will tolorate, anything else and it gets stuck in the chamber...unless it's good brass with a crimp.
  4. Thanks guy's...I bought 2000 rounds for 5.00 a box. I hope it does ok.
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    I haven't shot any through my AR, but the 7.62x39 works great in my saiga and romanian ak's. Seems a good bit more accurate than wolf.

    The only draw back is the zinc plating will screw up if it gets wet. So keep the stuff dry.
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    Check out Privi ammo its brass case and costs just a little more.
  7. I prefer it to Wolf in every caliber and in every way. However, I am not big on steel cased ammo in general.